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We provide high quality Kenya thyme at fair prices in line with the mission and vision of Selina Wamucii, the parent company. All our Kenya thyme is sourced from dedicated family growers around the country.

Thyme is an evergreen herb with Mediterranean origins. From the ancient days, many societies have appreciated thyme for its medicinal, culinary, and ornamental value. The Romans for example would add a few branches of thyme in their baths, believing that the herb had purifying properties. Thyme is packed with essential oils, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that are of great health benefit.

Kenya Herbs and Spices is a proud provider/supplier of fresh and high quality Kenyan thyme, ensuring that its freshness will reach millions of shopping bags miles away, worldwide. Kenya thyme is planted in heavy ground at high altitudes all year round, which makes Kenya a permanent source of the herb. Kenyan growers in particular are aware of the fact that heavy rainy seasons might harm the thyme by drowning it and they take extra precautions during that time.

Around the world, thyme is used for cooking thanks to its terrific smell. However, thyme is loaded with plenty of other benefits besides just its smell. It contains antibacterial properties; it can reduce cholesterol levels as well as lower blood pressure. The herb has a positive impact on our immune system.

We take great care of our herbs and spices and as we source them from farmers, we know that we are literally sharing the same plate with our customers. You are assured of the best quality of Kenya thyme from us.

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