• Ethiopia Myrrh Gum
  • Ethiopia Myrrh Gum
  • Ethiopia Myrrh Gum
  • Ethiopia Myrrh Gum

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We provide high quality Ethiopia myrrh to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia myrrh from family growers from the country.

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Ethiopia Myrrh (Commiphora resin) serves primarily as an incense and perfume. Its essential oil has served for centuries as a perfume, medicine and most of all, incense. It is among the world’s most sought after essential oils: it serves as a medicinal antioxidant that fights damaging cells for cancer and other degenerative diseases. It also features as a natural antibiotic as well as an anti-fungal potion. Its strong aroma also keeps the insects away. For people in need of relaxation, myrrh has been a traditional potion against mood swing for generations. One can get its potential health benefits either by inhaling or application on the skin. In edible terms, myrrh has featured in wine as an aromatic additive and is thus consumable.

In Ethiopia, myrrh occurs naturally in the northern parts next to boswellia (frankincense-producing) trees. Each family grower in the Eritrean border and Tigray region has about ten commiphora trees per 1.5 hectares. The farmers grow them organically as they did in ancient times. They apply only organic farmyard for fertilizing purposes.

We extract Ethiopia myrrh under a very careful distillation process. We first of all prepare a distillation kit that can hold sap extracts or dried ground powder of the herb in 50 to 60 grams of the produce. We then keep a scraping agent, such as a sterilized wood and other disinfectants so as to remove any greasy sap that remains on the distillation equipment so that no vital oil is lost.

The first step of preparing Ethiopia myrrh is that of adding half a milliliter of water for every gram of the powdered myrrh. We then place them into the distiller and run them in a boiling solution for seven minutes for less than 1100W of electrical heating. After an additional half an hour of cooking per oven heated solution, we cool it to allow the vapor that forms during this process to turn into oil.

We then pour the crude oil into a separator beaker that we usually rotate by hand. This leads to the formation of a top layer of oil over other sediment and water. We then use a sucking pipette to remove the top most layer in every flask so that it can be packed as a final oil by-product. For every part of the distillation process, we repeat the same procedure, but first scrub the distillation equipment with the sterilized wood or disinfectant for ensuring we use uncontaminated tools.

We pack the 100 percent myrrh oil in transparent bottles that are made of tin, plastic and glass. We also have aromatherapy grade packets that adhere to international standards of retailing medicinal products. We keep them in solutions of 10 milliliters, 30 milliliters, 50 milliliters and 100 milliliters. We also have 1 liter portions that suits your needs. We then pack them into cartons that are lined with preservative plastic that keeps them in their original processing condition.

We also transport Ethiopia myrrh in refrigerated vehicles under temperatures of below 5° Celsius. Each package is kept under padding to ensure it is well balanced throughout the short distance to Bola International Airport.

If you would like the famous ancient myrrh that was famous in the times of the Queen of Sheba, you’ve got the right supplier. We source our myrrh from a tripartite of countries, including Tigray in Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan and Somalia for an assortment of the best aromatic varieties. All our processing takes place under the supervision of a food health official from Ethiopia. Our quantity parameters match your exact needs while our pricing is among the lowest in the region. Make your order today!

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