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Produce Ethiopia Turmeric
Varieties turmeric
Packaging Double burlap gunny bags
Size 2.5-7.0 cm, 1-3 inches length and 1 inch diameter
Season December, January
Storage Moisture of 12.1%, above
Transportation conditions Above 60 degrees celsius
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Ethiopia turmeric is known to be superb in vitamins A, C, and E.

 is a nutritious flowering plant also known as Curcuma Longa of the ginger family whose roots are used for many purposes. It is identified by its stems that are thick and leafy extending from the roots which are orange-brown or yellow in colour and grows three or more feet. Turmeric is a spice that gives curry its yellow colour.

 was introduced in the 19070’s by Tepi National Research Center and is widely grown as a cash crop in the southern region of Ethiopia mostly in the Shewa zone. It is mostly loved for its unique spice agent used in culinary preparations, medical benefits, as well as beauty uses such as dying hair and cosmetics.

Ethiopia is the largest producer of turmeric in Africa. Produce of Turmeric has become a big aspect of Ethiopians livelihood. Turmeric has high demand in the country for its undoubtedly exceptional benefits is among the most exported spices in the country. India is the biggest exporter of turmeric from Ethiopia reported to have exported to India an estimate of 4.6million dollars annually.

Turmeric is grown under multiple tropical conditions with an altitude of 1500 with temperatures ranging between 20-30 degrees Celsius with an annual rainfall of about 1500mm. Harvesting of Turmeric is mostly done in December to January if planting was done in march to april. Growth takes eight to ten months and harvesting is done once the leaves turn yellow and start to dry where the plant is tipped out of the soil and shaken to remove the extra soil, and cut off the stem an inch or above the mass of rhizomes then thoroughly washed

The normal size of the  Turmeric is estimated at 2.5-7.0 cm, 1-3 inches in length and 1 inch in diameter with small tubers branching off. When the Ethiopia turmeric is ready and well dries it grinds to a beautiful yellow powder with a bitter, slightly acrid and sweet taste.

It is then packed in double burlap gunny bags which is usually fitted with aluminum foil lining to reduce the loss of agents in the plant such as oil. For grounded Turmeric fiberboards drums and airtight tin packets are used to pack and transport the Turmeric.

The moisture content needed to transport Ethiopia Turmeric is of at least 12.1 percent of the dry mass in a cool dry place. To keep them in the best condition while transporting, they need to be kept in an environment of above sixty degrees celsius.

Turmeric is prided by the Ethiopian country for its nutritious and diverse benefits and Selina Wamucii here to help you get hold of this wonderful plant without any strain whatsoever.

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