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Produce Mauritius vanilla
Varieties Bourbon vanilla
Common Names Bourbon vanilla
Packing In-plate cans (8 kg) lined with waxed paper, which are, in turn, packaged in sixes in wooden boxes (48 kg). It is also packaged in cartons each containing four cans
Size 6,8
Availability (season) Between September and December
Transportation Conditions They are transported when dry in conditions that are not humid
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Mauritius vanilla is used in a lot of desserts on the island, almost always combined with pineapple, bananas as a carpaccio or flambee dessert, mousse, creme brulee, the local island rum can also be spiked with vanilla pods as well as other flavors to enhance the rum giving it a spiced flavor.

In the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, directly off of the east bank of Madagascar lays Mauritius. Hundreds of years of the movement have brought about a mixture of societies, religions, and blended food on this lovely island. It was on account of the French who originally carried vanilla orchids to Mauritius and Reunion Island (named Bourbon Island at the time – subsequently the name Bourbon vanilla) from Mexico in 1819. With an absence of honey bees around fertilization of this bloom didn’t take off right to form, which was until 1839 when a multiyear old slave made sense of that vanilla could be pollinated by hand! 

Albeit 90% of developed land in Mauritius being devoted to sugarcane, a few ranchers have begun to put resources into the farming of vanilla, mainly, with interest for regular vanilla expanding. In the south of the island lies Saint Aubin with one of the island’s first sugarcane plants. It’s here on this terrific pilgrim home, which lays the main vanilla ranch on the island 


Mauritius vanilla plant is a bisexual and is self-ripe yet unequipped for self-fertilization. With the blooms of the vanilla opening for only one day, the procedure of hand fertilization is as however vital, and incredibly this procedure has been the equivalent since 1839! 

It thrives well in humid tropical climate with an annual rainfall of 200-300 cm from sea level to 1500 m above sea level. A warm humid climate with temperature ranging from 21 to 32°C is ideal The rainfall should be well distributed for a period of 9 months and there should be a dry period of 3 months for flowering. Following nine months and when the green cases are ready, they are hand-picked. This occurs among September and December. 

The green cases are put in bushels and whitened in 65 degrees warmed water for decisively 3 minutes. This procedure stops any vegetation in the case. The units are then placed in wooden boxes fixed with fleece covers where they are steamed for 12 hours – it’s during this procedure that the cases take on the dim chocolate shading. 

Mauritius vanilla plants prefer good bright light but not hot, noonday sun. However, they won’t grow well, or flower in deep shade, so partial sun is what they need. Vanilla grows best in warm temperatures, preferably in the ’70s to ’90s. 

The following stage includes laying the cases on frameworks in the immediate daylight for a multi-week, and afterward into the shade for multi-month.

The units are then estimated and reviewed. There are two evaluations of vanilla, ‘An’ and ‘B’ grade. The evaluating depends on dampness substance and appearance with ‘A’ grade vanilla having a higher dampness rate and better presence. 

One method of transporting vanilla is as bundles in tinplate cans (8 kg) lined with waxed paper, which are, in turn, packaged in sixes in wooden boxes (48 kg). It is also packaged in cartons, each containing four cans. Vanilla is sold in glass tubes, among other things.

Packaging sizes are so selected that the dimensions of the individual area modules or area module multiples are conformed to the conventional pallet sizes (800×1200 mm and 1000×1200 mm), and cargo units may thus be produced.

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