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We provide high quality Ethiopia red lentils to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia red lentils from family growers from Ethiopia.

Ethiopia red lentils are actually brown lentils that have a bright red color when cooked or when split inside. They feature in many dishes, especially Massor Dal, in India, where the plant has the secondary name Massor Dal lentils. In Ethiopia they also cook a common dish known as Misr Wat, which directly translates to Ethiopian Red Lentils.

The first lentils grew nine thousand years back in Greece although their first home might have been Asia Minor or the Persian Gulf. The red lentil and other varieties first thrived in Ethiopia in the 1980s when international research groups offered farmers seeds for the plants. The first region to benefit was the Oromia zone, which got new hybrids to improve the local varieties.

We source the Ethiopia red lentils from the heart of Oromia where family growers have enjoyed governmental and NGO support to grow various pest-resistant varieties. The red type provides approximately the same level of output, per hectare, of 2.6 tons during the best season.

Our farm representatives supervise the harvesting of the red lentils, approximately four months or 110 days after planting. The lengthy farm stay is worth it because almost all are usually ready for picking. We use hand-picking means that helps to separate the lentils from the pods in a careful, lengthy process that involves pairs of workers.

The harvesting process of Ethiopia red lentils involving shelling them from their pods and keeping them in special jute bags that need no changing from the farm to the warehouse. We transport up to 100 kilograms per bag. We then sort and grade the produce, while throwing away the pods that have been infected or have split seeds. The healthy ones go into film-lined boxes that enhance their field growth freshness while dispelling field heat.

The red lentil is common in dishes around the world. In India, it serves as a sumptuous addition to the dhal food while in Ethiopia, it accompanies stews in the popular misr wot dish. A single serving of the vegetable provides around 116 calories, with carbohydrates being 20 grams. Though the legume has no vitamin A, it contains Vitamin B-6 at 10 percent of the daily value, while vitamin C is minimal at 2 percent of the daily requirements. The mineral content, especially iron and magnesium represent 18 percent and 9 percent of the daily nutritional requirements, respectively.

We pack Ethiopia lentils, including the red variety in 4.5 kg produce boxes that represent half a bushel of measurement. Other atmospheric transportation boxes include corrugated interior cartons that remove excess heat. With every package comes a top ice placement to preserve the content under cooled conditions.

We also pack in small contents of 500 grams, 1kilogram and 2 kilograms of the processed , ready-to-cook Ethiopia red lentils. They usually have a long shelf life as long as you keep them in a cool dry condition. After each packing process we transport the produce in special trucks to your the airport for the final delivery overseas. Each track has refrigerated interior.

We are your one-stop service for the supply of Ethiopia red lentils at the most competitive price in the East African region. Our sources include Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified farmlands in the northwest of the country. You can request for a shipment that meets your quantity needs since we have the highest levels of integrity when it comes to shipping in exact tonnage. Make an order today!

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