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We provide high-quality Madagascar cloves to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Madagascar cloves from family growers in Madagascar.

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The clove tree Syzygium aromaticum is a member of the mytracecae family which are evergreen trees. Cloves flourish in humid tropical climates below 300m where there are no dry seasons. The clove tree is not a native to Madagascar despite its voluminous production. The Madagascar Clove is believed to have originated from Makulu Island in Indonesia and through trade; they spread to the islands until they got to Madagascar at around 1820.

The spice was widely embraced in the island and close to a century later, the island became the top exporter of cloves. Cloves play an important role to the small scale farmers that are involved in its production. It acts as a supplementary source of income especially for rural households as well as providing employment. The Madagascar clove is used as a spice by the locals as well as producing clove oil.

Together with coffee and vanilla, cloves are also among the leading exports in the country. Madagascar has a huge world share of clove production and is ranked either first or second interchangeably. Last year, Madagascar claimed 2nd claiming 12% of the total market hare globally. The total exported was about 20.8k metric tons that was worth $106.3 million in total. Indonesia is the primary importer of the Madagascar cloves and is used to make kretek which is a local cigarette.

The clove tree grows above 8 meters and is ever has broad huge leaves and produces bright red flowers in light green buds. The plant takes 8-10 years to flower after planting and fully flowers after about 20 years. The flowers are the most important part of the tree as they are harvested before the bud blooms and dried until they turn brown. The leaves are distilled to make the essential oil. The eugenol content of the Madagascar cloves is what distinguishes it from the Sri Lankan clove. The Madagascar clove is known to be stronger in regard to flavor hence making it among the best for cooking.

We source our Madagascar cloves around the tamatave ,Maroansetra, Antsinanana, Analanjirofo, Vatovavy Fitovinany and Atsimo Atsinanana, Mananara, Fénérive-Est and Soanierana Ivongo regions. We source our cloves from small scale farmers who grow it in acre of land or less. Most of them integrate the clove trees with other crops such as coffee and rice. It is important to note that most of the small scale farmers we work with keep away from chemical sprays hence offering purely organic cloves.


.We harvest the Madagascar cloves from October to March. This is the peak season of the cloves. The harvesting takes place when the flowers start to change color and attain a pinkish red tinge. The clustered flower buds are removed from the stems and the buds picked. We take the most beautiful clusters for picking after which they’re sun dried until they turn a reddish brown color. We may then proceed to have the cloves ground depending on a client’s order.

After the drying, the cloves are manually graded depending on their length and fullness. We have the handpicked cloves which form the superior quality first grade. The second grade are also handpicked but are not as long as the first grade then finally, there is the standard grade, the standard grade is rarely for consumption but may be used in manufacturing i.e. the cigarette in Indonesia.

We pack the Madagascar cloves in 25 kilograms standard bags and cartons. For the hand sorted grade one, we pack them in cartons of 20 kg, for the grade 3; we pack them in 25 kilograms bags which is also the case for the powder. We label the produce, the country of origin and the net weight.

We ensure that the Madagascar clove is stored in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. Temperatures of 50c are maintained throughout the whole transit so as to avoid reducing the moisture content. If well stored, the Madagascar can last up to two years after the harvest date.

We also have a timely delivery manner and ship the produce to any part of the world. We ensure to provide clear documents to our clients. We also offer the best prices as we source our product directly from small scale farmers and not middlemen.

Therefore, if you need to order the spice queen today, let us help you get the best. Order from us today!

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