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We provide high-quality Uganda green chili to the local and export market. We source our Uganda green chili from family growers in the country.

Uganda green chili is the young leaves of the pepper that usually undergo harvesting while still tender and green. Though some people use them as vegetables, they are primarily spices included in food preparation. The origin of the pepper family in which the chili belongs is Mexico in ancient times. Some sources point to the use of the spice in Mexico as many as 9000 years ago. It first enjoyed cultivation as a crop 5500 years ago in the same country. It spread throughout the world courtesy of Christopher Columbus in the 1500s A.D. It came to Africa around 1498 A.D., courtesy of Portuguese explorers who touched on the East African coast on their way to India.

Green chili contains one of the highest vitamin C margins of any produce at 239 percent of the daily value (DV) for immunity. The vitamin B-6 content follows at 25 percent DV for keeping bodily metabolism alive. This is in comparison with the dietary fiber level of 6 percent DV and magnesium at 5 percent for optimal digestion and strong bones respectively. The potassium margin is 9 percent DV while that of iron is 5 percent. With no fat, the crop keeps the body healthy besides serving as a must-have food preparation aid.

We source our supplies from the north of the country, especially in Lira and Oyam districts. Family growers cultivate all kinds of peppers including cayenne and green chili. All our farmers practice farming in plots of land of less than two acres at a time. Their central soil enrichment is just farmyard manure while their use of spray is minimal.

We harvest green chili when it is still in its rich green growing color rather than wait for it to turn scarlet. All our picking takes place in the early morning hours as harvesting the pods in full sun renders them unnaturally hot to as high as 32° Celsius. We usually pick them in their second month after planting.  Because the unripe pod is not as easy to come off the stem as the ripe one, we typically use sharp knives to cut each at the stem rather than pluck. We then place the fresh harvest in a cool, dim place where it can stay for 14 days unspoiled.

We understand the chili’s affinity for dryness due to continued respiration. We, therefore, sort our Uganda green chili by first passing them through a wet dump of either pure water or chlorinated solution.  This precaution keeps off any microbes from infecting the pods. We then remove them and sort them according to their healthy, unripe and blemish-free appearance. We discard any ripe ones.

We pack Uganda green chili in plastic or polyethylene trays sometimes with film linings to prevent dehydration. To improve circulation without decreasing the cooling effect, we pierce vents on the plastic while the film wrapping on top maintains coolness. We also use cartons and cardboard boxes that are firm enough to withstand stacked transportation. We finally stick food labels with the date of packing, the net weight and destination on the produce boxes to enhance traceability.

We store the chili in temperatures of around 8° Celsius which leads to the least dehydration level of just 0.5 percent. Though the pods can be stored at 24° Celsius, they will arrive fresh but with high dehydration of 3.5 percent.  We also keep the pods at the same low temperatures during the transportation phase to the airport in Entebbe. You can obtain the package in a day or two after shipping by air depending on your location in the world.

In short, if you are after Uganda green chili, you now have got the perfect partner to count on for the delivery of the produce. We scout the country for only Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), -certified farmers. We further ensure the crop against moisture loss by responsible handling right from the harvesting to the post-harvesting phase. You can request for any tonnage as we have constant supplies from our contracted family growers. Besides, our prices are among the lowest in the East African market. Make an order today!

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