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Varieties Bourbon, Tahitian
Packing 8kgs
Storage 30 degrees Celsius
Size8cm-15 cm Vanilla beans
Season February- March
Transport Conditions30 degrees Celsius

Comoros vanilla gave the island the title, Vanilla Island. Vanilla is a flavouring component derived from the orchids of the vanilla plant. The vanilla plants have a long fleshy climbing stem that attaches to trees by aerial roots — the distinct aroma results from enzyme action during the curing process. The vanilla extract is prepared by crushing the cured vanilla essence. Vanilla essence is used as a flavouring in desserts, ice creams, yoghurts, and other foods.

Vanilla is said to have been introduced to Comoros islands in the 18th century by Aztecs. By 1898, Comoros was producing 200 metric tons of vanilla beans which accounted for about 80 % of the world production. In 2017 Comoros exported vanilla worth USD 13M making it the 9th largest vanilla exporter in the world.

There are over 100 types of vanilla in the world, but there are two major types grown in Comoros.

  1. Bourbon Vanilla
  2. Tahitian vanilla

The most popular variety is the Bourbon Vanilla as they result in clear and creamy flavoured vanilla essence. They are thin and have a strong flavour. They are mostly used in apples, eggs, fish, ice cream, melon, milk, and pears.

The most expensive type is the Tahitian vanilla. They are flat and wide, and they contain less vanillin (the organic compound responsible for the characteristic aroma and flavour in vanilla). They are mostly used in commercial perfumes, lotions, body wash, and other beauty products.

Vanilla grows well in hot, humid areas that are above 500m above the sea level. Monthly, they require moderate rainfall of about 2000 mm that should be evenly distributed. Since they are climbing plants, they need indirect sunlight. Vanilla requires well-drained soils. The vanilla plant can reach a height of up to 15m and has an economic lifespan of approximately ten years.

Mostly they are planted alongside companion trees known as tutor trees which provide them with climbing support and shade. Planting of vanilla trees is usually done vegetatively from stem cuttings before flowering. Vanilla stems planting season is best during summer. It takes between two to seven years for the flowers to appear when the plant is around 12 m in length.

The sixth year is usually the harvest peak. Harvesting time lasts from 2 to 4 months, depending on the maturity. When the pods are yellow and slightly split, the vanilla beans are ready for harvest. They are handpicked as they do not ripen at the same time. Vanilla beans are packed in vacuum-sealed bags. Grade A pods are moist, plump and aromatic while grade B is of slightly lower quality. The extracted vanilla essence is packed in wooden boxes. It is sold in glass or plastic tubes and bottles.

Comoros vanilla leading importers are Singapore, Turkey, France, Netherlands, and India. The islands export a total of USD 10M worth of vanilla yearly.

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