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Varieties Zanzibar, Siputih, Posi posi
Packing 50kg bags, As per clients’ specification
Size 30 degrees Celsius
Storage 2cm
Seasons June, July
Transport Conditions 30 degrees Celsius, clean, dry containers
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Comoros is one of the largest suppliers of cloves in the African islands. Cloves are aromatic flower buds of a tree in the family of Myrtaceae Syzygium aromaticum. They are mainly used as a spice and are believed to be one of the oldest spices.

The clove tree is evergreen, and it grows up to 12 m high. The cloves buds are reddish-brown in colour when fresh. They are used to manufacture a range of products like mouth fresheners, perfumes, food flavourings, clove oil.

The history of cloves in Comoros is linked to France. It was introduced by French colonials in 1975. The French traders still play an essential role in cloves trade. Comoros cloves are said to be of high quality compared to the neighbouring islands like Madagascar.

There are three major types of cloves grown in Comoros.

  1. Zanzibar cloves
  2. Siputi cloves
  3. Posiposi cloves

Cloves thrive best in tropical, warm and humid conditions which make Comoros a perfect place. They require fertile loamy soils but also perform well in red soil.

They are first planted in nurseries then transplanted after 10 to 15 days. The best time to plant cloves is in the month of June or July. This is during the onset of the monsoon winds. In Comoros, cloves are usually grown as mixed crops either with coconut, coffee, or areca nuts. Clove trees start flowering from the 4th year although the full bearing stage is attained on the 15th year. The flowering season starts from the 4th year.

The unopened clove buds are ready for harvest when they start turning pink in colour. During this time, they are less than 2cm long. Harvesting is usually done using a step ladder as the trees are long and thick. After the flower buds are separated from the cluster, they are spread in the yard for drying. Well, dried cloves weigh a third of their weight when freshly harvested.1500 kgs of dried cloves weigh approximately 1kg.

After drying, cloves are packaged in jute fabric bags. The bags weigh between 50 to 65 kgs. They are also alternatively packed in boxes, bales and gunny bags.

In the year 2016, Comoros exported a total of USD 78 M worth of cloves. It is therefore ranked 187th largest clove exporter in the world. The main importer of Comoros cloves is Europe. This is done mostly by sea as it is more convenient for the islands. Cloves constitute to a total of 71 % of the general export of commodities from Comoros.

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