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We provide high quality Ethiopia turmeric to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia turmeric from family growers from Ethiopia.

Ethiopia turmeric (Curcuma longa) is a spice of the same family as ginger that thrives in warm subtropical temperatures of at least 20° Celsius. It also requires a high level of rainfall to grow well which conforms to the agricultural south of Ethiopia. The rhizomes are the main producers of powder that serves as culinary additives. In Amharic culture, the yellow powder is common as a food spicing curry. Its mildly bitter taste is what makes the rhizome a major export from the country. The crop had its original home in southern Asia.

We source Ethiopia turmeric from the southern region of the country, especially the Shewa Zone. The plant grows next to onions in family grower farms of less than 1.5 hectares. We only source the spice from farmers with a good record of using only farmyard manure and no chemical sprays.

Some of the healthy uses of turmeric include the treatment of Rheumatoid arthritis due to its curcumin extra-nutrients that have the ability to overcome inflammation. It has also potential abilities over anxiety and depression as curcumin has mood-boosting abilities. Other potential treatments involving turmeric include diabetes with some research showing its potency in more than four hundred times that of synthetic drugs. In cancer treatment, the curcumin content kills the tumor-causing cells.

We harvest Ethiopia turmeric around 7 to 9 months after the date of planting. The family growers can usually pick the crop at least three months during the harvesting season. Our produce agents usually guide the farmers to only pick the plants whose leaves have turned yellow but are not yet completely dry. Our method is strictly hand-picking supplemented by the use of spades that carefully lift the rhizomes from the soil. We then clean the produce after which we remove the clinging finger rhizomes from their mother rhizomes. The final process is usually that of drying or curing.

We cure Ethiopia rhizomes, usually the mother seed, either through boiling in pure water or by drying them under the hot tropical sun. The best curing usually hardens the product, and provides better distribution of fresh color in the herb. Each boiling or dry curing process takes place no more than a duration of several hours to ensure the pigment is not destroyed. We also use more advanced curing methods of alkaline treatment in boiling pans that measure 9 by 0.5 by 4 meters square, which can cure them in bulk form of 50 kilograms at a time.

Our grading process for turmeric involves checking the pigment. The most fresh-colored rhizomes have a high curcumin content and always serve as the first selections. The health and size of the rhizome also determines the best grading of the produce.

We pack Ethiopia turmeric in double burlap gunny bags that are freshly bought for the purpose. We do not reuse old bags as we understand that the spice is sensitive to dirt and contamination. We also fumigate the new gunny bags before putting in the dry form turmeric. Each gunny bag comes with aluminum foil linings, which reduce the loss of the oil content in the seeds. For processing turmeric powder, we use fiberboard drums as well as airtight tin packets that have polyerythene linings to keep them in a fresh, unspoiled form.

We store turmeric with a moisture content of at least 12.1 percent of the dry mass. We store the Ethiopia turmeric in a cool dry place. Locals usually put them in pits which are covered with dry grass, which gives them high temperature storage, usually even above 60° Celsius, to keep away the insects.

We transport the turmeric gunny bags and containers under controlled environment vehicles. Each provides fast transition to the Bola International Airport for quick transition to Europe, the Middle-east and other parts of the world.

Thus, you can request for the best Ethiopia turmeric that comes from Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified family growers areas of Ethiopia’s south. We not only ensure that quality parameters conform to international standards, but provide the right quantity in kilograms and tons. Our prices are quite fair and we tailor them to suit your budget. Make your order today for this spice!

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