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We provide high quality Ethiopia rosemary to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia rosemary from family growers from the country.

Ethiopia rosemary (Rosmarinus officianalis L.) comes in the same aromatic, sweetly scented purple-flower bearing shrubs like the native Mediterranean herb of the same name. The plant’s Greek term just means flower while in Italian, it is celebrated as dew of the sea. Both a decorative houseplant and a medicinal herb, it is common to find the plant in the arid parts of Ethiopia due to its adaptation to dry areas.

Rosemary consists of essential nutrients including dietary fiber serving of 14 grams or 56 percent of the daily value, for improved digestion. The herb is also suitable for fighting eye-related problems for its carotene-rich vitamin A is 58 percent of the daily requirements. For immunity against diseases, the leaves give 36 percent of the daily needs. Mineral composition is made up of 22 percent magnesium and iron for stopping bleeding from wounds, at 37 percent of the daily value. Calcium, for strong teeth enamel and bone formation is 31 percent of the daily requirements. There is also a monounsaturated fat content of around 1.2 grams.

Ethiopia rosemary has many medicinal equalities. The most common include healing swelled skins, treating burns, overcoming pain and treating headache, among others.

We source rosemary from the lush fields of Wondo Genet in southern Ethiopia. Family growers here own small and medium plots of land of up to 1.5 hectares. They grow the crops next to other cash crops like basil and red onions.

We harvest Ethiopia rosemary leaves by cutting off two to three inches of every sprig. These cuttings usually have the oil content that not only spices up meals but serves as medicine. We then dry the stems so that they can undergo processing for the oil. We then wait until the needlelike leaves are mature and pick them the same way as any other leafy plant. All of our harvesting methods include sharp sterilized pruning equipment and harvesting scissors.

We pack fresh Ethiopia rosemary in tied bunches of half a dozen to 24 stems per half a bushel box. We first insert the herbs in polyethylene lined bags for keeping the hydration levels optimal. We then put the bags into cartons for fast portability.

We also process Ethiopia rosemary for sale as a dried tinned product. Soon after harvesting, we dry the leaves and stems using an industrial dehydrator. Mechanical trays remove excess moisture under high temperatures in just a few minutes. We only keep single layers of Ethiopia rosemary leaves on the trays so as to ensure uniform drying. In a few minutes, our experienced workers take off the leaves and place them on sheets for settling in anticipation for packing.

The final step involves hanging the dry rosemary leaves upside down so that the pointed needles will come off the leaves. Finally, our workers under the supervision of a food safety representative in Ethiopia oversees the removal of the naturally dry leaves off the hangers. They then rub them off the stems before putting the now powdery leaves into jute bags or tins.

We pack dried rosemary in bulk cartons of 25 kilograms as well as woven custom bags that keep the herb well aerated. We also have small sachets of 30 grams. You may also request for medium and larger sizes than these. Each packet or carton consists of whole and split dry leaves with some powdery elements.

We store Ethiopia rosemary soon after harvesting or drying in 0° Celsius temperatures. This keeps the fresh or dried produce for between 21 to 30 days unspoiled. We also keep them under humidity levels that peak at 95 percent.

Our transportation process for both raw and dried rosemary conforms to international guidelines. We keep the produce at the back of the vehicle under pre-cooled conditions. The produce is available at your destination a day or two after it leaves the Bola International Airport.

In short, we are your one-stop provider of raw fresh and dried Ethiopia rosemary right from the southern part of the horn of Africa country. Our family growers come from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) locations and thus maintain low minimum residual levels in the herbs. Our prices are quite fair and accessible at your budget. We offer the right quantity that reflects your exact tonnage stipulation. For more information and to make an order, contact us today!

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