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Varieties White seeds, brown seeds, red seeds, black seeds.
Common names Sesamum orientale, africanum.
Storage 6%moisture and cooling temperature of 50%
Packing Gunny sacks 1kg, 5kg, 10kg, 20kg.
Size 3mm-4mm long 2mm-3mm wide.
Availability April-November
Transportation condition Controlled environment free of moisture.
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Togo Sesame seeds are said to be the queen of oilseeds and are the oldest known oilseeds, having being domesticated over 3000 years ago. They are native to sub-Saharan Africa and are known to be rich in oil, protein, mineral ash and soluble carbohydrates. 

Sesame seeds in Togo originated from India through trade interactions. They are annual plants growing 50-100cm tall with opposite leaves of 4-14cm long with an entire margin. They are broad to 5cm at the base of the plant, narrowing to 1cm on the flowering stem. The flowers are white, tubular of 3-5cm long with a four-lobed mouth. The colour of the sesame plant flower varies from white, blue or purple.

Sesame seeds are of different colours based on the varieties, and the most-traded Togo sesame seeds are white coloured, other common colours are buff, brown, reddish and grey. 

Brown seeds: They have the highest oil content of 45-50%, and they are also used for oil extraction.

White seeds: They are known for their nutty flavour that is used in baking purposes.

Black seeds: They are rich in flavour and mostly used in salad seasoning and medical purposes.

Red seeds: They are rich in aroma and mainly used in dishes.


Sesame is mostly planted in the plateaux, central and Maritime regions in Togo. The regions have the ideal climate for sesame farming. Sesame thrives in well-drained soils that are fertile with a neutral ph. They can also do well in dry conditions, but they can’t tolerate waterlogged conditions. The plant requires full sunlight for proper and maximum yields.

In Togo sesame are usually harvested after 90-150 of planting to obtain high –quality seeds, the crops must be harvested before the first killing frost. Harvested seeds meant for exportation are dried and stored at six %moisture and cooling temperature of 50%.

After harvesting sesame seeds are machine cleaned and hulled, they are also passed through air separation to remove particles. They are then packed in poly sacks and multiwall paper bags.

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