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Varieties Whole cloves, Handpicked cloves
Packing 50kg bags
Storage 30 degrees Celsius
Size 2cm
Availability June, July
Transportation conditions 30 degrees Celsius
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Eritrea Cloves are known as one of the oldest spice in the world. They existed during ancient times and were mostly used as medicine. Today cloves are primarily used as a spice. The clove spice is obtained from the flower bud of a small tree in the family of Myrtaceae Syzygium aromaticum.

The buds are usually dark red in colour when freshly harvested and turn pale after exposure to the environment. Cloves are used to manufacture toothpaste, perfumes, air fresheners, and also as a food flavouring. In Eritrea, cloves are common in many recipes as they are a significant ingredient in food making industry.

Clove farming in Eritrea began in the early 1930s. It was produced and consumed locally. After 1991 commercial farming began where farmers started growing the spice for export to the neighbouring countries. Today Eritrea produces surplus cloves both for local consumption and export.

  1. Whole cloves: The clove bud consists of two main sections, the stem and the bulbous head. Whole cloves are intact, with head and stem attached. Mainly, it is manufactured for use as ground cloves.
  2. Handpicked cloves: The term handpicked does not exclusively refer to the method of harvesting but refers to the hand selection of the highest quality cloves. Only the buds are picked then separated from the leaves. They are mostly used in flavouring cigarettes.

Eritrea climate, being tropical is one of the most suitable places for the growth of cloves. They require a warm and humid environment with loamy soils for optimal growth. Cloves seeds are first planted in nurseries then later transplanted after two weeks.

The best time for planting them is during the cold months of June and July. They take four years to start flowering although the clove buds are ready to be harvested fifteen years later. This explains why the clove one of the most expensive spices due to their longevity to mature.

The clove buds are usually ready to harvest when they start turning pale pinkish. Depending on the size of the tree, they can be picked manually, or a ladder is used to climb up the trees. After harvesting, they are sorted to get rid of the impurities like soil, leaves and tree barks. They are then spread to dry for a minimum of 3 days.

After drying, they are packed in jute fabric bags of about 50kgs ready for export.

Most of Eritrea’s cloves are consumed locally while others are sold to the neighbouring countries like Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt and Kenya.

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