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We provide high quality Ethiopia red pepper to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia red pepper from family growers from the country.

One of the best known spices is red pepper (Cayenne pepper) or chili pepper. The Ethiopia variety grows and is marketed widely in the southwest of the country. Together with berbere or bird’s eye, it garnishes various meals and it is a daily spice in people’s lives. Its origin was Mexico like all other varieties of chilis about 1600 years ago.

Though many people think that chilis are just for spicing food with their high capsaicin concentration, there is more nutrition than meets the eye. Each pod comes with 173 percent of vitamin C, which boosts the body’s immunity. They also consist of a small amount of dietary fiber for good digestion, of 1.5 grams. The vitamin B6 constitutes 39 percent of the daily value. Despite the sourness, each red hot chili pepper has 88 grams of water in contrast to a 6 gram capsaicin content.

We source Ethiopia red pepper from the woredas or administrative zones of the Oromia Region of the country. We also derive them from the southwestern parts of the Jimma Zone, which is also a major source of the other bell pepper subspecies. Each of our family sources usually grows around 1 to 1.5 hectares of the produce.

Our farmers harvest their red peppers using phytosanitary guidelines from our produce agents. Each farmhand wears plastic gloves when handling each pod. We cut the pods at the stalk area using sharp knives and scissors. We also employ pruners over large areas to complete the harvest before the midday sun.

We harvest pods that have gained a hint of red as when harvested fully ripe they deteriorate fast. We then dry them in one layer on drying screens that we check frequently to prevent one sided drying. We then keep them in a well-aerated warehouse for final drying before packing them.

Prior to packing Ethiopia red peppers, we first of all wash them in chlorinated water that comes from pure sources. We then temporarily store the pods and then pack them in bulk. We use three kinds of shipment sizes. The first one is the small one of about 90 pieces per 1 1/9 bushel produce box. The medium one consists of relatively large pods that feature 75 to 85 in each box. The large size consists of large pods that can fit up to 70 in each crate.

In short, our Ethiopia red pepper processing consists of several key hygienic steps that include: hand harvesting by gloved workers, sanitizing in a chlorine wash, then drying and follow-up cooling. We then bulk pack them in different packages with separate small, medium and large pods. The final process include labeling of the produce indicating the date of picking and the delivery date. We then store them overnight or transport them directly under controlled climate vehicles to the airport.

Thus, if you would wish to get the hottest chili peppers from the horn of Africa, you have got the right supplier. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia red peppers from family growers who plant the cayenne and habanero varieties. They have Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certifications which make their produce authentic. Our prices are quite low and reflect your total tonnage. Make an order today!

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