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Varieties Gourmet vanilla beans Bourbon vanilla beans
Packing Bundles in tinplate cans (8 kg), packaged in sixes in wooden boxes (48 kg)
Storage Cool, dark and dry conditions
Size The pods are roughly a third of an inch by six inches
Season Between September and February
Transport Conditions 10-20 days in cool and dry conditions
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Did you know that only saffron is the only spice that is more expensive than vanilla? South Africa vanilla beans have a reputation for their unique vanilla taste that can be used in a number of ways. They are harvested in pods and bundled up for convenience and, their use is widespread in many countries.

The species of South Africa vanilla beans, the Vanilla planifolia, is native to Mexico. It was first planted in Reunion Islands in the Indian Ocean by a slave in 1841 who realized the general conditions of the area and hand pollination were suitable for its growth. From here, its cultivation spread out to nearby territories, including South Africa.

The process of growing vanilla beans requires a lot of labour because they have to be taken care of. They have specific requirements in order for them to mature and, there are careful considerations to be made when growing them. For instance, they do not grow well with beans at all, but they can be grown alongside a banana tree.

Apart from domestic and commercial baking, vanilla beans are also used in the manufacture of perfume and also in aromatherapy. They are normally exported from South Africa to different parts of the world and, they are closely associated with the classic vanilla taste.

Growing this plant requires at least three to five years for them to fully mature for both commercial and domestic use. For optimum growth, they need sandy loam soil with a pH level of 6.6 and 7.5. It is imperative that the soil is well-drained and partially protecting them from direct sunlight throughout will be necessary.

The depth of the soil needs to be at least one inch and, it is also crucial that they grow with a spacing of seven feet per plant. They require moderate watering and fertilizers can be added every two weeks in the spring between September and November and summer periods between December and February. They grow best in temperatures around 60°F and need high humidity to mature.

When the tips of the vanilla pods turn yellow in colour, then it is the right time to harvest them. This process is perhaps the most straightforward of a number of plants because all that needs to be done is detach the pods from the plant. A pair of scissors or pruning shears can do the job sufficiently.

After acquiring the pods, they are wrapped up in heavy clothing for four days until they turn a light shade of brown. Thereafter, the beans are collected and sundried for up to a month before they are ready for packing. They must be stored in air-tight containers away from direct light and in cool and dry conditions.

Thereafter, they are exported to different locations across the world.

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