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We provide high quality Ethiopia red hot poker to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh cut Ethiopia red hot poker from family growers from Ethiopia.

Ethiopia red hot poker (Kniphofia), resembles a bottle brush with its spikes that come in reds, yellow and other bright colors. Some call it torch lily perhaps because of its straight, sparkly florets that grow straight and sideway, minutely from the head. The florets usually have no leaves surrounding them as they develop beyond the reach of the leaves way below on the stem. They have the ecological role of pollination as they attract bees and birds to pass pollen to to the other vegetation around them.

Fascinating facts about the red hot poker is that its botanical name drives from Johann Kniphof who was a plant scientist from Germany in the 1700s. The most common varieties include Bees Sunset, which is mainly yellow, the Royal Standard, usually a mix of red and yellow, as well as Nobilis, a colorful yellow and orange. The latter is usually green throughout its life span. In different parts of the world, they feature in Christmas displays because of their pine-like appearance while in many weddings they have the elegance to move heads.

We source Ethiopia Kniphofia from the western mountains known as the Biosphere Reserves, where Arabica coffee is said to have first grown. We also obtain the fresh flowers from the other highlands of the country in mainly the southwest. Our family growers cultivate the blooms under organic conditions with minimal use of farm sprays. The flower heads of the local varieties develop to as high as one meter and fifty centimeters in times of proper propagation.

We harvest Ethiopia red hot poker when it is just about to split its seeds. Our workers pay attention that they only select flowers whose pods contain seeds that are at just beginning to mature. They then cut the entire upper stem consisting of mainly the seeds and the blooms.

During the cutting process, our gloved farmhands selectively incise the stems at 45-degree angles, using sharp cutlery equipment. They then remove the remaining leaves from the base of the stem. We store each harvest in sterilized buckets before stuffing them with fresh greenery, including the plant’s leaves to conserve them.

We pack the fresh flowers in bunched stems per cardboard box. We wrap them in soft paper to prevent the defraying of the straight florets around each head. Each wrapped package consists of at least 10 stems but this number can decrease or increase at will. Our custom delivery boxes feature only the healthiest cut varieties. The stems are usually less than 80 centimeters, thus offering breathing space for the otherwise tall cuttings.

We also pack seeds that constitute the best way to grow Ethiopia red hot poker. There are also stem cuttings that are defoliated to improve the freshness of the cuttings during the transportation process. Thus, you can grow the stalks in your potted garden where the plant can reach five feet in height at regrowth.

If you are seeking for fresh cut flowers or cuttings that can continue to grow in your room as soon as you replant them, look no further than our Ethiopia red hot poker. The blooms come in standard sizes that match the international standards for both fresh cut flowers and stem cuttings for repotting. We source the plants from Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified family growers. Our pricing is quite competitive, meaning that you will never break the bank when you order from us. You can request for the quantity that meets your needs and we will readily supply. Make an order today!

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