• Ethiopia Fresh Cut Roses
  • Ethiopia Fresh Cut Roses
  • Ethiopia Fresh Cut Roses
  • Ethiopia Fresh Cut Roses

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Produce Ethiopia fresh cut roses
Varieties Ethiopia Abyssinian, Fairy Tale roses’ and Antico Moderno’s
Common names Rosehip, rose haw and rose hep
Packaging Packed in bunches kept in sleeves of plastic
Size 45cm, 50cm, 60cm
Availability Throughout the year
Transportation conditions Shipped by air in special refrigerated trucks under a temperature between (0-1)degree Celsius and humidity of below 10%
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Ethiopia  fresh cut roses are the highest demanded flower variety in the local and export market. The fresh-cut roses are obtained from the family growers as well as commercial farms in Ethiopia.

The Ethiopia fresh cut roses (Rosa cvs hybrid) grows as an erect shrub. The flowers are elegant and open up bloom to sizeable, luxurious petals. They come in different colors, including the typical red and pink. The native land of the plant is traced to be Asia, where many varieties have their native names. Fresh cut roses are also grown in Northwest Africa and some parts of Europe.

fresh cut roses industry emerged in late 1990, and despite being a newcomer, Ethiopia has become the second-largest flower exporter in Africa after Kenya. The flowers are grown in greenhouses each one kilometer in length, covering a total of 325 hectares. The first Ethiopian farm was first started in 2000.

 In the course of ten years, the farm triggered a rapid emergence of a competitive rose export industry that has now involved more than 75 firms, hires more than 50,000 workers, and is bringing in more than US $200 million annually. This has dramatically improved the economy of the country.

Fresh cut roses are mainly grown in Ziway village and were planted by the Barnhoorns family.

 There are different kinds of cut roses, one being the Ethiopian Abyssinian. It is cream-colored.it is the only rose that originates from Africa and is grown for its sumptuous fruit. Common roses are red. Ethiopia Abyssinian is one of the largest in the continent with bud diameter, which can reach 15 centimeters. It has delicate red flowers that can have a top-down depth of 7 centimeters. It has a deep scent that is a characteristic of the rich climate under which it grows. Other varieties of fresh-cut roses are Fairy tale roses and Climbers.

 Fresh cut roses do best when soil moisture is kept uniform throughout the year. The amount of watering and frequency will depend on the type of soil. Roses growing in sandy soil will need more watering than those in heavy clay soil. Hot and dry windy conditions facilitate faster growth of the roses. The flowers are ready for picking just (45-60) days of planting.

 fresh cut roses are harvested at dawn to reduce the effect of wilting with the onset of the late morning sun. Flowers are plucked together with its stem and immediately kept in the back of the house for cooling. 

Grading and bunching take place at the same time. The florist then cut the flowers to their desired lengths. They then sought the first grade bestowing to characteristic i.e., straight stems, the luxuriant, healthy flowers, and bright green foliage.

They are also measured according to their maturity. The best have a slightly over 45 days of maturity after planting.

 fresh cut roses are packed in bunches and kept in sleeves of plastic. They are also wrapped in soft, waxed paper. After packing, the roses are kept in temperature between (0-1) degrees Celsius. To ensure they remain fresh, they are half immersed in clean water. To reduce rotting, the petals that are below the waterline are extracted.

In case of any discoloration or disease from the farm, 1-MCT is recommended for treatment because they do not interfere with flower’s quality

fresh cut roses are transported on the due date in special refrigerated trucks to the Bore International Airport for immediate delivery by air. 

Therefore if you want the best fresh cut roses, then you look no further than Ethiopia fresh cut roses, where the best suppliers are available.


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