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We provide high quality Ethiopia jasmine to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh cut Ethiopia jasmine from family growers from Ethiopia.

Ethiopia jasmine thrives under subtropical conditions. With an origin in China, the most characteristic features of the bloom are its mostly yellow flowers and symmetrical, round petals. In Ethiopia, these are mostly 9 petals per flower, while in temperate countries, the winter jasmine has six equal petals. The most important role of the plant in the wild is for pollination, a centerpiece for bees to collect and transfer nectar. The beautiful blossom appears round at close hand and trumpet-like from a distance. The fragrance of this flower is perhaps the feature, next to the external beauty, that keeps it a perennial export favorite among cut blooms.

In the horn of Africa, there are hundreds of species of jasmine, all in the family Jasminum. The most common include, Jasminum officianale, usually white or yellow, Jasminum sambac Ait, usually popular in certain religious rites in countries like India. In fact, the latter species is the oldest of the aromatic flowers that man cultivates. Some parts of Ethiopia also provide the cool conditions for nurturing Jasminum nuidflorum, the winter jasmine.

We source Ethiopia jasmine from the Gedeb district in the southern part of the country. The farmers grow the flowers when they are not cultivating the arabica coffee. They usually have at least a hectare to half a hectare of land and their blooms are usually free of any farm sprays.

Our farm produce supervisors provide guidelines to farmers on how to harvest jasmine from Ethiopia. They do the picking of the resplendent white and yellow flowers in the morning time when the maturing buds are yet to open to the sun. By the time they are picked, they will have protected the corolla and pistils inside as they only open at nightfall.

We pack Ethiopia jasmine in flat, horizontal boxes. We first insert linings of aluminum foil to improve their shelf life on transit. We also use thermocol boxes that come pre-loaded with layers of ice. They resemble ice-cream boxes for consumer salesmen. They undergo sealing in time for airborne delivery to your destination on the same day of the harvest.

We spare no effort to ensure that the Ethiopia jasmine reaches your destination with a freshness index of at least 90 percent, which is higher than the industry standard of 70 percent. We also allow that almost more than half of all flowers have opened their buds by at least 50%, which is more than the industry standard of at least 10.5%. Our flowers also will reach you with at least 88 percent of their yellow or white color still as rosy as it were at the point of dispatch.

We transport Ethiopia jasmine in refrigerated trucks that conserve them against adverse effect by the weather. The shipment is usually ready to reach your destination in the space of a day or two days at most after we dispatch it to your locale.

Thus, if you would love the jolt of fragrance from some of the most fragrant flowers in the world, then get in touch with us. We provide jasmine from Ethiopia straight from the flower farms located south of Addis Ababa. The family growers cultivate the blooms under Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) parameters. We also offer the flowers at your budget, underlining our commitment to serving clients for perpetual deliveries. Make your order today specifying your quantity!

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