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We provide high quality Ethiopia roses to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh cut Ethiopia roses from family growers from Ethiopia.

The Ethiopia roses (Rosa cvs hybrida) are a remarkable flower, perhaps the best known cut flowers. The rose when in proper cut and storage can have a shelf life of ten days after harvesting. The flower has the most cultural attributes of any bloom, featuring in weddings, in Valentine gifts and serving in other colorful aspects of life. The plant grows as a shrub that is as erect as the flower is elegant, and opens up in bloom to a sizable, luxurious petals. They come in diverse colors, including the typical red and pink.

The original home of the plant may have been Asia, where many varieties have their original home. There are also North African and European varieties. For instance, a different kind of rose, known as Ethiopian/abyssinian rose is distinct from the common rose in that it is cream-colored. It is the only rose that emanates from Africa and strange to say, it is grown for its sumptuous fruit. The common rose, however, which is mostly red colored, may have come to the country from Northwest Africa where some varieties are native.

The Ethiopia rose is one of the largest in the continent with bud diameters that can reach 15 centimeters. It also buds into remarkable delicate red flowers that can have a top-down depth of 7 centimeters. Some statistics remark that this local rose has a longer shelf life of up to three weeks in cool export environments. It also has a deep scent that is characteristic of the rich climate under which it grows.

We source Ethiopia roses from the southern parts of the country where the flowers are cultivated in both large plantations and on small-scale. Most flower farms are just a short distance from the heart of Addis Ababa, thus ensuring speedy delivery. We source the flower from family growers who provide more organic types than the large plantations. Their flowers are ready to pick in just 45 to 60 days of planting.

We harvest Ethiopia roses at dawn to reduce the effect of wilting with the onset of the late morning sun. We meticulously pluck each flower with its stem and immediately keep it in the back house for cooling. The controlled environment can store the rose for around four hours after each picking takes place. The delicate blooms then go into a grading scale where we keep the best from the rest. We store the cut stems, in the interim, at temperatures of 2° Celsius for the next full day before dispatch into various destinations in Europe.

Grading takes place at the same time as bunching. Our experienced florists usually cut the stem to the desired length. They then sort the first grade by the characteristics of straight stems, the luxuriant, healthy flowers and bright green foliage. We also measure the flower by its maturity, with the best being just slightly over 45 days old after planting. In most cases we also remove the thorns and the defective petals though some clients want them retained for ‘naturalness.’

We pack Ethiopia roses in bunches that we keep in sleeves of plastic. We also pack them in soft, waxed paper. An emerging bunching material is the corrugated card sleeve. After packing, we keep the roses at temperatures between 0 and 1° Celsius.

Finally, we ensure the beautiful blooms remain fresh by keeping them half immersed in clean water. To reduce rotting we extract any petal or bud that is below the water line. In case of any discoloration or disease from the farm, we use recommended treatment including 1-MCT or low-dose fungicides which do not impact on the flower’s quality.

We transport the Ethiopia roses on the due date of the order in special refrigerated trucks to the Bole International Airport for immediate delivery by air. You can expect the order while still in a perfect condition on the same day we deliver.

Therefore, if you are seeking the perfect flower shipment from the heart of Eastern Africa, look no further than us, the chief suppliers of Ethiopia rose. We stock diverse sizes and grades, as well as varieties. All our flowers grow under organic conditions and receive perpetual monitoring by phytosanitary teams for any defects. We ship the flowers expeditiously in the right tonnage per your specification. Our prices are quite competitive and reflect your budget. Make an order today!

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