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We provide high quality Ethiopia statice to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh cut Ethiopia statice from family growers from the country.

Ethiopia statice, also known as limonium, belongs to the genus Plumbaginaceae. The most common in Ethiopia is the typical statice (Limonium sinuatum L). It thrives in areas where the climate has plenty of sun, the soils are well-drained and sandy and the climate is cool at the same time. The most popular use of the flowers is for making multiple-flower bouquets when they are dry. The blooms are great because they have the versatility to melt into other floral boutiques.

We source Ethiopia statice form the cool regions of the south-west and the central area whose sandy well-drained soil is conducive for the plant’s growth. The family growers cultivate the soft yellow cultivars whose petals resemble feathers or papers. These grow thickly on the well-set green and methodical stems. They usually serve more than one purpose: when they are not common as wreaths or fresh cut flowers, they feature in dry form as fillers for roses and other blooms.

The harvesting process for statice is rather unique. We guide our family grower affiliates to only choose the buds that have completely opened but are still in their late days of closed budding. For instance, even when the outer parts are open, the inner senesce which are the bright inner florets are still hidden in bud, indicating the best time to pick them.

We pack Ethiopia statice in custom fiberboard boxes that are lengthy and flat to the ground. Each box comes with a few bunches, with each separated from the rest with soft waxed paper. We keep a maximum of 25 cut flowers per bunch to ensure uniformity and freshness.

We keep Ethiopia statice in cool storage at around 1° Celsius. We store them inside the ready shipment boxes that we cover inside with either aluminum foil or polyurethane linings. The two materials are congenial for extending the shelf life of the flowers.

Though statice from Ethiopia can store well for two weeks or more, it is necessary to give it proper circulation. This is why we advise our clients to remove them from the fiberboard boxes as soon as they weigh in at your final destination. We also recommend storage at thawing point, at least 0° Celsius and no more than 1° Celsius and preserve them dry.

Our transportation parameters for Ethiopia statice conform to those of the industry. We keep the fresh or dried produce in a refrigerated truck throughout its journey to the Bola International Airport. This means that the produce arrives without losing more than 10% of its fresh color.

You can pick the perfect time to order for Ethiopia statice when they are in season and we will faithfully deliver. Our sources come from the agricultural south and farm them under cooperatives that have Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). We serve all regions of the world, especially the European Union, the Middle-east, Australia and North America. If you make your order today you will have it in a day or two depending on your part of the world. Our prices are fair and reflect those of Ethiopia in general, which are some of the lowest in the region. Make your order today while specifying your tonnage!

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