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We provide high quality Ethiopia amaranth to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia amaranth from family growers from Ethiopia.

Ethiopia amaranth (Amaranthus) makes up some of the main species of a weedy but nutritious plant that resembles spinach in the family Amaranthaceae.In the country, the main variety is the main variety is Amaranthus cruentus L, which is popular in both rural and urban Ethiopia. There are around sixty species, with all having diverse uses, including the consumption of the green leaves, harvesting of grainy seeds for threshing flour and feeding animals. The plant may have become domesticated for the first time in the Mexican settlements of the Aztec civilization just prior to the coming of the Europeans in the 1400s A.D.

We source our Ethiopia amaranth from the Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples (SNNP) zone, which describes the entire southern region of the country. Our key sources are Chat Kebelle and Bench Majji. The two areas usually farm amaranth for its grain. They usually remove the hanging grains from the leafy vegetables and then sun dry them before milling and sieving them for flour production.

Amaranth consists of a balanced nutritional content that is especially high in protein (in the seeds) alongside minerals and vitamins in the leaves. There are about twenty protein-based extra-nutrients totaling 13.56 grams per serving, with the main ones being glycine at 1.6 grams. The vitamin content features vitamin B6 at 45 percent of the daily value. Folate is at 21 percent and riboflavin at 17 percent. Vitamin C content is relatively low at 5 percent of the daily requirements. In terms of minerals, consuming Ethiopia amaranth helps nurture strong teeth as the calcium content is at 16 percent. Manganese, for strong bone formation is the highest nutritional ingredient in the plant at 159 percent, followed by phosphorous at 80 percent.

We store our Ethiopia amaranth leaves and seeds at 4° Celsius to keep them stable through the heat. Exposure to the sun can make the leaves of amaranth lose weight. For this reason, we use custom film bags to store and preserve the field weight of these nutritious greens.

We pack the green leaves of amaranth in ziplock bags that have special polyurethane linings inside to preserve the packages. We usually keep them in leaf bunches at temperatures of between 4 and 5° Celsius. This is the industry standard that has shown that the base temperature preserves the green produce fresh for long and improves their shelf life.

We also process the amaranth seeds to produce the nutritious powder that we package in polyethylene sachet bags. The sachets store the powder in a cool, dry environment that is well sealed to remove air contamination. The processing method, known as popping, just involves the placement of the seeds in a hot oven and then allowing ten to fifteen seconds for them to pop up. The grains then go into a milling sieve with holes of as little as 0.4 millimeters to separate the powder from the other unwanted sediments.

As one of the leading suppliers of Ethiopia amaranth, you can count on us to provide high quality produce from the heart of the country. Unlike other forms of the wild weed, our local amaranth comes from real cultivated fields where the plant grows next to spinach, collards and kales. Our family growers use organic means as the plant requires minimal care, and comes from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified regions. As with other of our affordable green vegetables, we provide amaranth seeds and leaves at low prices and at your preferential quantity. Talk to us today for more information or to make an order!

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