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We provide high quality Ethiopia hypericum to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh cut Ethiopia hypericum from family growers from Ethiopia.

Ethiopia hypericum (Hypericum perforatum) is a flower that is made of diverse colors, from native yellow to red, white, brown, green and pink. It commonly features in weddings and other occasions. It produces red or green berries. Some people refer to it as St John’s wort because of the medicinal properties of its fruits and associated rituals. However, the most distinctive feature of the bloom is its very spectacular, and sometimes showy bloom that extends to some 6 centimeters across in some cultivars. Others have thin flowers that are often eclipsed by the luxuriant leaves. The petals surround both the flower and the fruit, with the latter being a small berry with many seeds in its shell.

Hypericum has a long history of tradition. In the Middle Ages, doctors used it for its rich flavonoids and hypericin content that has associations with mental healing. It also featured in Greek philosophy and with the development of early Christianity, even rituals where some claimed that before St John the Baptist’s death, the flower had no red parts and that they only came up at his beheading. This is how the second name of the flower St John’s wort came up.

We source Ethiopia hypericum from the southern part of Ethiopia. The family growers users to plant the brown hypericum before the Dutch brought the red and pink varieties. The framers cultivate the plants under organic conditions with no chemical use.

We provide two types of Ethiopia hypericum, including Hypericum Coco and Veronica Smart. The coco variety is resplendent in red, green and yellowish cream florets that form like a cluster at the top. The bushy head of a bunch of the Veronica smart variety is distinctive for its mainly green foliage that surrounds minute purple-pink or white flowers. Each variety has a very strong stem that can provide a beautiful background to any vase display.

Our family growers pick the flowers when they have fully bloomed and achieved the right white to pink or yellow colors, depending on the variety. We then sort the stems by their sizes. Some flowers come with their berries intact to add a touch of naturalness. We also retain the classic leaves that define this attractive species. Before grading the flowers, we look out for wilted, immature, or discolored leaves and blooms, which we discard.

We pack the Ethiopia hypericum in bunches of at least ten stems per bunch. If you like we can also offer you a flexible wholesale bunching of at least 20 stems for direct display or resale. We provide many-colored varieties of at least 50 centimeters in length. We also have cut blooms of 60 and 70 centimeters long. We wrap the flowers in soft waxed wrappings before featuring them in boxes for direct shipment.

We cool Ethiopia hypericums at 2° Celsius between picking and transportation. Our packing takes place in a controlled environment to prevent wilting. We transport the boxes containing the bunches of flowers in custom cold storage trucks to the Bola International Airport.

Therefore, if you are seeking the best Ethiopia hypericum, this is the best time to make contact with us. We source the flowers from family growers who plant many other kinds like roses and carnations at the high altitude, tropical climate of southern Ethiopia. Our prices are quite competitive and reflect your exact budget. We usually ship the flowers the same day of harvesting to improve the shelf life of the species, which is usually 10 days under optimal conditions. Make an order today, specifying your tonnage and order date!

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