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We provide high quality Ethiopia eucalyptus flowers to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh cut Ethiopia eucalyptus flowers from family growers from Ethiopia.

Ethiopia eucalyptus flower is an offshoot of the world’s tallest plant that produces export-quality flowers, the eucalyptus tree. The tall tree consists of hundreds of stamens that produce diverse-colored florets. Their colors range from white to cream, alongside pink, blue and red. There are also yellow-colored blooms. Most people know the tree primarily as a source of medicinal herb and a hardwood tree but its flower is also in demand due to its distinctive cupped appearance.

The eucalyptus tree derives from the name in Greek that describes a well covered something. This may refer to the hardy shell that contains the flowers in a protective manner. Other than the tropics, the tree grows in Australia where it is native. It is one of the most invasive of all world flora as once it was exported from the Land Down Under, it began to spread all over the world, including Ethiopia, thriving in even places where local vegetation was scarce. This is because its roots travel far to tap water and it is a common cause of drainage in many water-scarce areas of Africa.

We source Ethiopia eucalyptus flowers from the northeastern tip of Addis Ababa near the Entoto Natural Park. The area is lush with natural forestland including tall herbaceous growth.

Many people seek eucalyptus flowers for wreath arrangement and displays. Other go for the distinctive aromatic smell that makes it one of the herbal plants around. The flowers usually feature together with the branches. In many places it is common to keep the branches immersed in water solutions for several days after which they are hung to dry. They then became elastic for shrouding the floral arrangements.

Our farm workers harvest Ethiopia eucalyptus flowers when they are at the top of their bloom. They cut the branches containing the flowers after using stepping aids to climb the tree. They then remove the flowers with parts of the attached stems for preservation.

We pack the fresh cut eucalyptus flowers, especially the Baby Blue variety in at least two stems per packing box. We wrap them in plastic for conservation so that when you present them at the wedding they will be still fresh and aromatic. These exotic flowers feature with a small portion of their stems for holding in the style of a bottle brush.

We store the eucalyptus flowers under a cool to moderately hot dry environment of at least 16° Celsius. This is inclusive of the holding branches.

Thus, if you are seeking for a fragrant wreathing material or the flowers themselves, we have got you well-supplied with eucalyptus flowers from Ethiopia. Whether you require a shade of red, pink, yellow or any other color, you will locate it from among our provisions. We also offer the treated branches as a flower wreathing or stuffing material when they are at their shiniest green. Just like our other eucalyptus products, like the medicinal herb, our flowers are quite healthy and free of contaminants. They grow under natural home environment with proper care by generations of families. Our prices are quite seemly and reflect your budget. Make an order today!

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