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We provide high quality Ethiopia heather to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh cut Ethiopia heather from family growers from Ethiopia.

Heather (Calluna vulgaris) is one of the most showy flowers around, which comes in resplendent bright colors. Thin and infused with greenery even during hostile weather conditions, the plants which once used to be disliked in 19th century Europe are now quite popular with florists. They have whitish interiors that cover the corolla in a protective manner. They feature in many celebrations as pickup flowers, birthday gifts and for weddings. Their meaning in the Greek is ‘something that cleans’ while in Latin, the term applies to something that is common to find, perhaps underlining the broom/brush appearance of the flower heads. Some of the extra uses of the flowers include the seeds which have culinary and medicinal purposes in temperate parts of the world.

Heather in Ethiopia grows with abandon like it does in the Western hemisphere. It comes in a smallish mound full of purplish pink flowers. The top of each green mound has a lot of spikes that may have diverse hues for each plant. They thrive well in infertile, sandy but well-drained grounds, which makes them quite attractive even in dry ares.

We source Ethiopia heather from the highlands of the country. The species that mainly grows in the country is Erica arborea, which is a actually the typical tree heath. It features giant parts, with a branch saturated with multiple white flowers with pink corolla areas. It also comes in various shades with mauve supplementing the purple typical hue. Our family growers usually plant it for both its cut flowers and briar root, describing the hard wood that has heat resistance for the tree. Some other uses include that of making long-lasting smoking implements

We harvest Ethiopia heather by using two types of methods. The first one is forage picking, which describes curing the stems consisting the clusters of flower. We then sort them by color for proper bunching, especially for buyers who are sensitive to particular hues. We then bale them into a cluster for bulk transportation in bunches, before wrapping the bunched stems in polyurethane paper linings.

The second harvesting method involves the separation of seeds from the flowers. We usually do this routine only when there is a specific request for the seeds. We use brush harvesters that provide for fast separation. We sell the seeds in dried form in packages of 7 ounces or 200 grams per packet.

We pack fresh cut Ethiopia heather, mainly the Calluna species in bunches. We pack the cut blooms in horizontal fiberboard boxes. Each features around 10 to 30 stems, each having its particular color. Sometimes we also mix the hues to improve the attractiveness when they appear in the reseller market display.

Our storage conditions for the plant are in low temperatures of at least 1° Celsius. We optimize the temperature even when undertaking transportation to ensure that the fresh cut flowers reach your destination while still fresh. Our vehicles come with refrigerated interiors. It takes one to two days from dispatch at Bola International Airport in Addis Ababa for the cut stems of heather to reach your destination.

Thus, we are your one-stop shop for fresh Ethiopia heather that is available in proper packaging right from the heart of the highlands in the southwest and northwest. Our family growers cultivate the blooms under Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), which means that they minimize the use of sprays. Our prices match the quality parameters. Even as we export standard sized blooms, we also take into consideration your exact quantity needs, which we manage to meet before the order date. Make an order today!

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