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Ethiopia thistle ranks as one of the most protective flowering plants. Not only does it grow in a hostile dry environment of much of the dry areas of the country, but it has thorny leaves that rival those of the dandelion and the cactus. It produces beautiful purplish flowers that are spray-like. The flower also bears seeds that commonly serve in herbal products.

Since time immoral, thistle has featured in many herbal uses and medicinal beliefs. For instance in the middle Ages, some scholars believed that its seed extracts could recover hair lost through balding. Others thought it was a remedy for migraine, and even the infamous bubonic plague. Of the many species available in Ethiopia, Ochrocephala imatongenesis, a different kind of thistle that is more daisy-like than thorny, is the one native to the country.

We source our Ethiopia thistle from the eastern and south-western drier parts. The crop thrives in the wild but has many farmers growing it for its flowers and seeds. We only source form farmers with a good record of organic farming with little or no chemical sprays.

We pack thistle as a cut flower with at least 25 seeds per head. This can serve as a bloom that you can use for display or thistle milk production purposes. Every bloom comes with its distinct colors, ranging from blue to purple. We conserve them perfectly in fiberboard boxes twined with polyurethane protection.

We harvest the thistles from Ethiopia as soon as they have completely opened and their spikily leaves are flat out of the beautiful flowers that they cup or protect. We usually cut the stem from the base where it meets the prickly stem. We also remove any base leaves that may hamper its packaging. Our workers are quite experienced at slicing the stem from an angle, usually two times, one at harvesting. We recut it at an angle before dipping it in water for cooling. This is necessary for allowing the bloom to suck enough moisture.

After the perfect diagonal cuts that our workers make without minding the thorny leaves, they then get ready to grade the flowers. They first bunch the Ethiopia blue thistle flowers in 10 to 15 flower heads per bunch. We then sort the metallic blue beauties from the purple royals or if you specify ahead, we can mix them in the same bunch for additional attraction.

We pack the bunched Ethiopia thistles in horizontal fiberboard cartons. Each bunch features in a plastic wrapper that keeps it intact and solid. We also provide hampers or vaselike baskets for easy portability of the fresh cut blooms.

You can store the Ethiopia thistle for between 10 to 12 days in display inside a see-through vase. On our part, we keep the flowers under freezing conditions throughout the storage time, usually at less than 1°C. During the transportation phase, we use custom trucks with controlled interior environment for pre-cooled delivery.

You can order the flowers per bunch or per stem. We provide very attractive prices for our custom single stems starting at 50 stems through 100 and 200 stems and so forth. Our prices for these are quite attractive. You just need to specify your quantity and leave the rest to us. Our cut blooms come fresh from the eastern and other parts of the country where even the Ochrocephala variety, the only local thistle sub-tribe that that is native to the nation grows. Our family growers have Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certificates and plant the crops in the high season. Make your order today!

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