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We provide high quality Ethiopia lilies to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh cut Ethiopia lilies from family growers from Ethiopia.

Ethiopia lilies (Lilium candidum) are some of the most common flowers in the horn of Africa country. The flowering plants even spread to neighboring Eritrea. They grow from bulbs that then produce mostly white blooms with a yellow pollen. They have characteristically huge flowers that can be white, yellow, pink or red and purple. They first originated in the temperate climates of Europe but thrive well in the diverse agro-climate of Ethiopia.

Some of the strange features of the flowers are that they may contain roots in their stems. This is an adaptation measure that enables the blossoming bulb in the soil to emerge gradually to the cool air, while the roots from the stem above it reinforce it from uprooting. Like other bulbous plants such as onions, these flowers come with a scent, which in their case is pleasant.

We source our Ethiopia lilies from diverse parts of the country where the plant has naturally grown in hundreds of species. Other than the cultivated fields of the south of Addis Ababa, we also source the flowers from Shewa Wolloghe. Family growers plant and cultivate them in the rainy season, though irrigation patterns are also widespread.

We harvest Ethiopia lilies when they have reasonably opened their buds. We measure the maturity by checking whether the spadix is visible. The spadix is the little, minute flowers that are usually hidden within a fleshy interior of the opening bud. Our produce agents direct the farmers on how to carefully pull the heads and stems off the rhizome. They then go for the second take, which is where the same pulled stems undergo recutting into uniform sizes. The recut flower is able to absorb more water when half immersed for post-harvest hydration than one without a cut.

We bunch the quality Ethiopia lilies in ten or so bunches per package. We keep them within plastic sleeves to improve the protection level of the cartons into which we store them eventually. The delicate flowers then go to the Bola International Airport immediately after we pack and label them. This buys them time for staying fresh for long.

When packing the Ethiopia lilies in boxes, we go for the flat horizontal types that accommodate the flower heads in rows that do not touch each other. We also deliver them in hampers which are vase-like types of baskets for handling delicate fresh produce.

We also store the lilies in cold storage just like that of the rose at 0 to 1° Celsius. We keep them under this cool condition throughout the post-harvesting process so that they do not bend, which is usually an impact of gravity, which cooling can control.

We transport Ethiopia lilies under the right transport trucks with refrigerated interiors. All our vehicles are capable of driving to the interior of southern Ethiopia and the northeastern parts bordering Eritrea, where the flowers thrive. This ensures quick delivery to the airport without hampering the quality of the fleshy stems.

Thus, we are your best option for the supply of Ethiopia lilies. We not only supply the mini-calla version of the lilies which have easy handling, but the large flowers that have generous blossoms. We serve all parts of the world, especially the European Union, the US and the Middle-east, besides Australia. Our fair prices reflect those of Ethiopia, which are among the most competitive in the regional floriculture market. Make your order today!

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