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We provide high quality Ethiopia hibiscus to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh cut Ethiopia hibiscus from family growers from Ethiopia.

Ethiopia hibiscus is one of the mallow plants that produce beautiful bright red or pinkish flowers. They thrive in mildly warm climates that witness the herbal plant’s widespread growth in southern Mediterranean and the tropics, including the horn of Africa. The main characteristics of the flower includes the blooms that are quite outstanding form far due to their exposed pistils that rise above the equally fascinating floral blossoms.The calyces, or the central part of the blossom is the main source of herbal beverages.

For a long time, hibiscus has featured in landscaping programs due to its ‘proud’ floral spread. The plants also act as sources of pollen for other flowers as bees and birds alike throng to them to seek nectar. In terms of uses, certain species feature in the making of writing paper, especially the kanaf variety.

In ancient times, the central part of the flower acted as a source of medicine for controlling body temperature, especially in Egypt. The ancient Egyptians also featured it to offer relief against cardiac and nervous system ailments. It is common as a herbal tea that is rich in vitamins that helps to boost the immune system. People use it for cholesterol treatment. It is also possible to use in the treatment of digestion problems. Others use the hibiscus blend crushed from the flowers for lowering their blood pressure.

We source our Ethiopia hibiscus from the Wondo Genet urban area of the Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples’ Region of southern Ethiopia. The market town surrounds lush farmlands that feature, among others, hibiscus. It grows in family plots as well as large Dutch plantations. The locals cultivate two types of the Hibiscus sabdariffa L.subspecies. These include WG-Hibiscus-Jamaican as well as WG-Hibiscus-Sudan. The latter regional variety has a faster maturity date. Both grow in rows of at least 60 centimeters from each other.

We sell hibiscus fresh and in dried calyces. As a fresh cut flower, we export lengthy branches full of flowers at least 1000 centimeters in length. Thus they require fiberboard cartons of one meter length.

The dried processed hibiscus are usually the by-products of flowers that have fallen off or have undergone harvesting. They consist of numerous seeds that are dusty that serve in herbal tea. The dried form consists of around 5 percent moisture content. We pack it in 25 kilogram horizontal packing boxes. The dried red content is exported at 480 bags, each containing 25 kilograms of the dried matter per shipping container.

We store Ethiopia hibiscus under international standards. We store the fresh and dried Ethiopia hibiscus at 0° Celsius to maintain the cooling level of the produce. This lends the fresh cut flowers a colorful and vibrant appearance during shipping. It also allows the dried content to keep for long especially as a tea herb.

If you are seeking the best Ethiopia hibiscus, we are the right supplier to get in touch with today. We source our flowers from the north-eastern parts of the country. Our family growers come with Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certificates. We offer the most attractive prices in the region for all our international customers that are tailored to your budget. We immediately transport the produce to the packing shed for processing to ensure that it reaches your destination in a fresh quality. Make an order today!

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