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We provide high quality Ethiopia gypsophilia to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh cut Ethiopia gypsophilia from family growers from Ethiopia.

Ethiopia gypsophilia (Gypsophilia paniculata) grows in the lush flower gardens south of Addis Ababa where small and large companies export the flower to the US and the EU. It is one of the most famous ornamental blooms around the world. In fact, its second acronym in Greek, philios means ‘loving’ while in English the flower has the acronym of ‘baby’s breath.’ There are different species, about thirty five, but the most common has a beautiful whitish pink bloom. The lengthy, straight branches hold the delicate flowers at the many hands in shapes of cupped hands. The spare leaves barely surround them.

Ethiopia ranks at number four of the world suppliers of cut flowers next to neighboring Kenya. We source Ethiopia gypsophilia from the southern parts where family growers cultivate it throughout the year either by irrigation or by rain. Those who grow them in the rainy season plant the blooms in-between July and September.

We instruct our family grower sources when harvesting the Ethiopia gypsophilia. We only select a flower individually for picking when 50 percent of its cluster of flowers are open and spread. We then place each of these into a drying media before dispatching them on the same day to the export destination. We know that gypsophilia is one of those flowers that spoil not because of just heat but of excess water and thus the need for instant drying. We cut the stems at least 20 to 40 centimeters in length. We also ensure that the flowers are fresh as most of our export destinations need them fresh. There are zones that require the blooms in dried form for stuffing, however.

We then sort the gypsophilia cut stems according to their health parameters. We throw away any flower with closed buds, has excessive water that adds unnecessary weight or has wilted from the sun. In grading, we place around five stems per bunch that we tie in custom rubber bands. We also provide larger bunches of 25 stems for smaller flowers. If you wish, we can also provide bunches in terms of weight, with each going for 300g per bunch.

We pack the bunches under waxed soft bands. We also place the stems weighing 300 grams into lengthy boxes that can hold up to 30 bunches of the cut stems per box. Hampers, normally fancy small baskets are also some of our other packing materials that provide the same display environment as a vase.

After harvest and before dispatch, we keep the Ethiopia gypsophilia in a pre-cooled condition. Unlike roses which keep at 1 degree celsius, gypsophilia needs 20° Celsius and sufficient light during storage to maintain dryness. We also accelerate the drying stage by including a glycerine and water mixture and then keeping the flowers from a hanging place, with the buds facing down with the stems up.

We transport the gypsophilia from Ethiopia under custom trucks with controlled interior environment. We deliver the flowers the same day of harvesting to the Bola international Airport in Addis Ababa for ready dispatch.

Indeed, this is the best time to request for baby’s breath from the heart of the horn of Africa. We offer the best prices in the region that suits your budget. Besides, we source the flowers from a wide network of small-holder farms to meet your exact tonnage.You can make the best of the Ethiopia gypsophilia season by getting in touch today with our team or make an order directly!

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