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We provide high quality Ethiopia hagenia to the local and export market. We source the raw dried Ethiopia hagenia from family growers from Ethiopia.

Ethiopia hagenia (Hagenia abyssinica) refers to a flower-bearing tree that can reach the height of twenty meters that is native to the Afromontane mountainous region of Ethiopia-Eritrea border. It thrives in regions with as high as 3000 meters altitude. It consists of a cluster of small leaflets that bunch around a single stem consisting of up to thirteen bright flowers. Each flower is around 10 centimeters in length from the bud to the stalk. The colors of the flowers are usually a reddish pink or white, while others have a hazy orange coloration.

The native home of hagenia is the Ethiopia and thus the term abyssinica, where the plant has existed in the wild for centuries. Other than for flowers, locals and international herbalists grow it for its kosso medicine, which comes from the ground pistils of the flowers. Its purpose, even today, is for treating tapeworm in children and adults alike. Interestingly, most people who took the drug in the 1900s would use the same excuse as modern patients do for not attending to their work duties.

We source our Ethiopia hagenia from the northeastern parts of the country where the tree thrives next to wheat and provides excellent shade. The red flowers also make the dry regions’ landscapes have a pleasant bloom in season. The local farmers usually plant the trees at a density of around ten trees for each hectare.

Since the most important processing of Ethiopia hagenia is its female pistil, we carefully sort the male from the female ones. Each kilogram of the ground pistils contain around 40000 tiny seeds.We also harvest some of the bark because it provides some extracts that improve the effectiveness of the pounded flowers.

Upon each harvest of Ethiopia hagenia, we dry the flowers anticipating the production of the very important kosso. We deliver the flowers in baskets that can consist of enough stems that once dry can produce between 8 to 16 grams of the powder. In the marketplace, the dried flower powder is available in two formats, including the normal doses of between 8 and 16 grams and the largest of 35 grams.

We store dried Ethiopia hagenia under airtight, hermetic containers. This means packets that keep at low temperate and do not allow air inside. This keeps the dry produce in the same condition throughout its export journey. We also transport the pounded flowers in custom trucks that feature internal controlled environment.

Thus, if you are aspiring to get natural medicine from the flowers native to the horn of Africa, you have got a partner. We source our Ethiopia hagenia flowers from areas where their cultivation is organic, with little use of chemicals. The family growers also employ intercropping methods with grains to improve the mineral exchange for healthy trees with potent medicinal quality. Our prices are quite accessible and we provide them under your specific budget. We also provide a quantity that specifically appeals to your quantity parameters ranging from 16 gram packets to 35 grams packets. Make an order today!

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