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We provide high quality Ethiopia orchids to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh cut Ethiopia orchids from family growers from Ethiopia.

Ethiopia orchids (mainly Orchidaciae Cattleya, Cymbidium) constitute a very wide group of flowering plants, some grown for display purposes, others for their seeds. The distinguishing features of them all is the bi-symmetrical flower which comes in equally divisible halves. Some cultivars like vanda feature purple blooms, with each flower equally branched from its shared neighbor. In Ethiopia, the main subspecies include Vanilloideae, Orchidoideae, and Cattleya.

There are over twenty eight thousand species of the orchid family that grow in all corners of the globe. The ones with bulbs constitute the biggest group. Cattleya and Vanilla, which thrive in Ethiopia are some of the kinds that are common to find in cultivated form. Most others grow in the wild.

We source Ethiopia orchids from the south-west of the country, where they thrive in altitudes of between 1500 meters and 2600 meters above sea level. There are hundreds of varieties but all produce high quality flowers that are in perennial demand. Our family growers cultivate between 1 and 1.5 hectares of the plant while large plantations have hundreds of acreage.

We supervise the harvesting of orchids from Ethiopia, while giving attention to the pollinia or the pollen because touching them accidentally may reduce the lifespan of the fresh cut flower. If dislodged, this part leads to fast secretion of a plant chemical, erethelene, which in turn causes wilting and other drying effects on the bloom. Our workers wear farm handling gloves and harvesting PPE to ensure no contamination of the orchids. Each fresh cut bloom immediately goes into a corsage of water for cooling. All our harvests take place in the early morning before the onset of the afternoon sun.

Our grading involves the selection of orchids that have opened their buds at least three days before picking. This ensures that they are fully developed. We usually use decontaminated sharp razors for incising each spike or stem. The best grades come with the entire spike containing at least two flowers that are open while the rest are in bud. The other grade is usually in the high season when customers need the flowers even with half the stem, constituting the second grade.

We pack Ethiopia orchids of different types, individually, to reduce friction because the thin blossoms are very susceptible to physical injury. The other method is storing them in stems, commonly known as spikes because of their long pointed nature. We keep the stems in shredded paper that buffers both the flowers and the stems from accidental breakage.

Each shredded paper containing a single Ethiopia orchid then goes into the horizontal carton for final packing. Every carton can handle between a dozen and two dozen flowers. The boxes come with custom openings for helping insert the spikes alongside water tubes perfectly. As a final measure of delicate handling, we stack waxed soft material in-between the stems or blooms to ensure total solidness even during surface bumpy transportation.

In terms of storage, we keep the Ethiopia orchids in temperatures of between 0 and 12.5° Celsius. These summer flowers are quite adjustable to a wide temperature range. However, many packing companies have discovered that orchids do as well as the rose in chilled condition and thus we also pack them at the point of delivery at around 1°C.

We transport Ethiopia orchids to the Bole International Airport in custom refrigerated trucks. The vehicles maintain the coolness of the flowers and prevent them from wilting.

Rather than wait for the high season when the prices are high, this is the best time to request for Ethiopia orchids from us at very fair prices. We stock many varieties that come from mainly small-scale farmers who follow Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) protocols to grow them. We dispatch each order on the same day of harvesting to ensure that it reaches you while still in the same condition we have packed it. Make an order today!

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