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We provide high quality Ethiopia limonium to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh cut Ethiopia limonium from family growers from Ethiopia.

Ethiopia limonium comes in two subspecies of statice including the common statice, Limonium sinuatum L. and German statice, (Limonium Spp.,Goniolimon). The majestic bright purple flower produces breathtaking blooms that have become highly demanded in many parts of the world. The country also parades hybrid varieties that grow from interbreed varieties of this flower that some people call ‘sea lavender.’

Throughout the world, limoniums are popular because of their good looking botany. For instance, after the wilting of the main blossom, the bright-colored calyx still remains put, which is why gardeners call it the ‘everlasting flower.’ In fact, its naming in Greek is associated with gardening.

We source our limonium from the central highlands and southern Rift Valley of Ethiopia. The central parts mainly grow the statice (Limonium sinuatum L) form. The farms contain at least three varieties. Amazon Bird is common during October through November, while Giant Blue Bird comes between December and January. Yellow Sun Bird grows through February and March. This distribution ensures that there is fresh supply throughout the growth period.

We harvest the Ethiopia limonium differently from either roses or carnations. We let the buds to be completely open. However, this is just the external petal and covering purple flower. The real beautiful interior buds, common as senesce, are usually yet to open in their full white brilliance.

After cutting the flowers to the desired lengths in the field, we then sort, grade and bunch them. In the sorting process, our experienced workers usually remove the ones that have yellowed from wilting and over-maturity. These can be both stems and petals. We also check the clusters of bunches carefully for any sign of fungal infection which might spread to the rest. We then bunch the longest sizes and smallest sizes. We also go for the bunching standard of keeping 25 stems per bunch.

We pack Ethiopia limonium in horizontal fiberboards. The low-lying boxes usually have ample openings for air circulation, which these blossoms usually need. We keep each bunch in its custom plastic wrappings a few inches from the others to provide proper air circulation, on board.

During storage, we maintain the cool climate-loving limoniums in base temperatures of 0 to 1° Celsius. The cold room environment also helps keep the flowers as if they were already packed for shipping because of the polyurethane interior clad cartons that we cool them in.

We transport Ethiopia limonium in refrigerated vehicles from the farm to the storage room and then en-route to the Bola International Airport. You can receive the delivery on the same day of the harvest if you are in the Middle-east or one to two days in other parts of the globe. Upon receiving the shipment, it is necessary to remove the flowers from the cartons and rearrange them in a well-circulated area for ventilation purposes. They can store unspoiled for 14 days under dry but freezing conditions.

If you would like to have a bouquet directly from the heart of some of the best flower farms in Africa, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We source our Ethiopia limoniums from the heart of southern Ethiopia with its cool climate, at altitudes of above 2500 meters. The family growers maintain a clean record of no pesticide use. They also have Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certificates. They deliver their produce to us through individual initiative or via socially responsible cooperatives. To second this quality parameter are our very competitive prices, which are quite fair. We pack per your instructions, and per your tonnage specifications. Make an order today!

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