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We provide high quality Ethiopia chrysanthemums to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh cut Ethiopia chrysanthemums from family growers from Ethiopia.

Ethiopia chrysanthemum (Dendranthema x grandiflorum) was once and still is a super cut flower that can last for up to three weeks with proper harvesting, handling and storage. The main color is a seemly purple-pink spray. The ‘golden flower’ as its Greek name indicates, is a classy bloom that even made a Japanese ruler in ancient times choose it as his seal. It first grew in domesticated form in China around 1500 B.C. This is but one sub-species of around 500 others that thrive in different colors and forms around the globe.

We source our Ethiopia chrysanthemums from southern Ethiopia. There are many daisy-headed, Wedding Golden, and King’s Pleasure varieties. They grow in both decorative and natural daisy heads that may resemble styled hair. The most common colors include purplish pink of the Dance variety, bright yellow of Wedding Green, golden yellow of the King’s Pleasure and white for one version of ‘Whiteout.’ Our family growers tend to the flower in a very meticulous manner, with little chemical sprays to enhance quality.They also use farm post manure for the conservation of nutrients.

During each harvest, our produce agents ensure the phytosanitary, hygienic and proper cutting of the stems. They ensure that most of the flowers undergo picking when the bud has just opened and is at least 3 inches in diameter. We also go for more mature blooms that measure 4 inches at the top of the buds.

We pack Ethiopia chrysanthemums in single packages. These usually come in spray kinds which we grade by their length and then bunch from the shortest to the longest.We then keep the bunches into uniform packages of 10 to 12 bunches. Every bunch consists of between 5 to 8 stems, to provide a mean weight of around 300 milligrams. We sleeve the flowers with special plastic that keep the banded stems together for elegant presentation.

The packing takes place in typical flat lengthy fiberboard boxes. We stack the flower heads singly and in bunches. Every row has a separation from the other in the form of a wax paper. This ensures they do not touch to enhance their field colorfulness.

We store the bunches of Ethiopia chrysanthemums in cold rooms with temperature range of 0 to 1° Celsius. The 3-inch wide buds scan store for a period of two weeks at 1° Celsius while those of 4 inches in diameter can store well at the same temperature, for 21 days.

We also take precaution against yellowing petals by allowing in enough light in the overnight storage room and maintaining the temperature at around 0 degrees celsius. The petals can otherwise wilt when the temperature reaches 5°C. During the storage, we separate the more mature flowers from the fresh ones and wrap all in polyethylene at 32° Fahrenheit (0°C).

If you would like the best quality Ethiopia chrysanthemums, you now have got the caring suppliers. From standard harvesting to sophisticated delivery practices in refrigerated custom trucks to Addis Ababa’s Bola International Airport, we ensure that every detail matches that of a professional florist. We also keep the flowers under a cool environment immediately after harvesting. Our prices reflect those of Ethiopia, which are usually lower than say, neighboring Kenya. We also suit the budget to the right tonnage which you specify and we deliver. We ship to Europe, the US, the Middle-east and even Australia. Make an order today!

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