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We provide high quality Ethiopia pot plants to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh Ethiopia pot plants from family growers from Ethiopia.

Ethiopia pot plants come in many varieties, with the majority being flowers. The houseplants either feature in live form, in cuttings from fully grown samples or as seedlings. The most popular types that we export in potted form include the following:

African Daisies

The African daisy (Osteospermum) thrives in many parts of Ethiopia as a gardening houseplant. It features a range of bright-colored flowers in the hot season. It is characterized by a skeletonly appearance which is when the plant is most attractive. It needs regular pruning to prompt new growth of leaves.


Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens) is one of the local flowers whose origin is South Africa that thrives in at least half a dozen different climate zones in the country. It is available in both dry and cool areas. The cuttings for the potted oil-producing seedy flower are usually around 15 centimeters in length and derive from six month old plants. We source only geranium pot plants that have no sign of disease. We then keep them in polyurethane bags for ease of transportation without hampering their live growth on transit.


Thistle is one of the flowers that have a protective ability to overcome herbivorous consumption with their thorny exteriors. The beautiful purplish flowers are also available as cuttings which thrive well under dry conditions. We source them from the eastern and south-western parts of the country.


This is a type of twining flowering shrub that is possible to design into different shapes. We source this Ethiopia pot plant from the woody and dry but forested regions of the country. We keep it in custom cuttings of at least 13 centimeters high from the base of the pot.

Red Hot Poker (Kniphofia)

Red hot poker is a flowerhead which consists of multiple seeds, in colorful yellow and orange color that can attain almost two meters in height from the base where the leaves start. We also pack red hot poker in form of cuttings that can begin their regrowth cycle ones they reach your home as house or garden plants. We source the flowering plants from the Biosphere mountains to the northwest of Addis Ababa. We pick the stems at 80 centimeters length.

We pack Ethiopia pot plants in custom burlap fabrics that have the natural ability to keep the plants in the same environment when airborne as they are on the ground. This fabric comes with laces or loops at the top for wrapping the geraniums, orchids or thistle growing in them perfectly. One can loosen or tighten the ties in ribbon or bow styles. The designs also serve as attractions in themselves.

We also offer Ethiopia pot plants in custom plant pots that have various decorative designs. For instance, our clay and ceramic pots come with clear labels on the sides indicating the type of plant, its transplanting date and the color of the flower when mature.

Other packing methods for our pot plants from Ethiopia includes crap fabric that has prints on its side. It resembles a sack cloth or upside down basket but contains patterns that highlight the green colors of the plant. Most of these fabrics may actually be tough towel wrappings that hold the potted plant immaculately. They usually undergo tying by natural twine, including tough sisal threads.

A final wrap for our custom packed Ethiopia pot plants is that of using outer corrugated boxes that cover the seedlings in a telescopic style on top but leave the sides open. The seedlings usually come with a plastic tray that has sunken holding areas and a top pad for covering them. This offers the plants total protection from the weather and other forces. The corrugated trays’ sunken bases are quite firm and can be layered one on top of the other with separating waxed paper for solid transportation.

Therefore, whether you are seeking red hot poker, ivy or geranium and any other pot plant from Ethiopia, we have got your needs in check. We source the plants from Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified family grower areas. The plants are usually healthy as we check each carefully before exporting them under cool controlled environment vehicles to the airport. Our prices are quite competitive and reflect the low prices in Ethiopia as the fourth biggest flower exporter in the world. Make an order today!

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