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Ethiopia Fillers - Consolidators

 We consolidate our Ethiopian fillers from family growers who have perfected the art of meticulous tending to create a new personality and give form to bouquets.Ethiopia fillers make the perfect symbol of a great flower, a great accessory to have in an office, a memorable piece to have at a funeral, a symbol at a dinner party or a scheme to have at a wedding. Yet a flower arrangement alone cannot bring to full bloom the beauty of a moment without Ethiopian fillers.

They give form, shape and accentuate the complexion and vibrancy of a flower arrangement. Our Ethiopia fillers offer a wide array of species and varieties to choose from.

Selina Flowers specialises in a wide range of filler flowers from Ethiopia including Limonium, Statice, Eucalyptus, Solidago, Ferns, Phlox, Cocullus,Grass, Gypsophila fillers, Ruscus, Sunflower filler, Lavender and Rosemary.The fluffy and pithy, lilac color of the achillea makes it the most favorite filler for mixed cut white and yellow tulips, which will surely create a spring mood in the recipient’s home, second only to allium.

When it comes to fillers, one can never be short of choices: asters are for those in favour of single stem fillers especially for love box vases, golden rod, peacock fillers are for vases and wooden boxes, the paper like statice is for flower baskets, the Australian wax flower is suitable for net-florist paper bouquets, or Queen Anne’s lace for tea cups, moss vases and tea cup bouquets.

Nothing smells quality like a floral arrangement of mixed fresias and greenery, secured with ageratum and allium and as an importer of flowers these Ethiopian fillers that we supply are easy to work with and excellent for your clients.

The Ethiopian climate with its high humidity and extended periods of sunny days provides an environment that is rich for the production of Ethiopia fillers of the widest varieties possible. Our experience and constant advice has built an infrastructural capacity for our partner farmers of  Ethiopian fillers which ensures that the quality of fillers is not left to the vagaries of weather.

Rather, the flower is nurtured, maintained, regulated and monitored to provide the highest grade possible for world class markets. Major importers and outlets of the world stock Ethiopia fillers can now find a home in Selina Flowers. We have mastered the craft of altering the mood of the arrangement, the tinge of the vase, color scheme of the bouquet, and the ambiance that the flowers create by choosing the high grade of Ethiopian fillers which we gladly export worldwide.

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