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Turmeric, often referred to as the golden spice, falls under the ginger family. It is originally a native Indian spice, but has become more widespread in South America and Africa over the years. Turmeric is widely grown in East Africa, and Kenya has particularly been at the forefront of its cultivation, thus Kenyan turmeric.

Kenya Turmeric is an exciting spice with a warm and peppery taste. The plant thrives under the warm to hot tropical conditions found across Kenya. The Kenyan soils in which turmeric is grown are well drained and rich in nutrients. Furthermore, the country receives adequate rainfall, and has a wide range of irrigation alternatives that suit this specific spice. Most importantly, Kenya does not experience adverse weather conditions and seasons; allowing planting to take part at any time of the year.

Turmeric has been regarded as a natural medicine for centuries, used traditionally to treat a wide variety of illnesses. Today, much research has been carried out on this spice with results showing it is rich in a Poly-phenolic compound called Circumin, which is rich in minerals, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory elements. This explains why Turmeric has many uses in the health and cosmetic industries. It helps in bowel diseases, cancer cell growth, liver and homeostatic functions, athritis and body sugar. Turmeric is also widely used in skin and beauty products such as lotions and exfoliating scrubs because of the antioxidants present. It further contains antibacterial and antiseptic properties used in medicine and sterilization. Other areas of use include dyeing and food processing.

Kenya Herbs & Spices is proud to obtain the herb from local family growers and provide the best turmeric from Kenya. High-yield and quality varieties native to Kenya have been widely grown in the country and the production level has been excellent.

Our turmeric meets the high threshold of quality that meets and exceeds the highest standards expected in world markets.We welcome you to order fresh Kenya turmeric from us. Wherever you need it around the world, we’ll get it to you.

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