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We provide high quality Uganda water pennyworts to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh cut Uganda water pennyworts from family growers from Uganda.

Water pennywort (Hydrocotyle ranunculoides) is one of the most beautiful floating vegetation that is possible to find in wet parts of the tropical world, including Uganda’s western rainforest. In fact, its origin was some areas of Africa as well as the Americas. Though the weed has suffered a ban from the United Kingdom in recent years due to its invasive nature, it is still a great choice for flower lovers in European countries. In appearance, the plant thrives with a stem system that floats laterally on the water’s surface. It thrives on leaves that can reach 35 centimeters in length in the shape of an egg.  It has an insignificant set of dirty greenish-cream or pale yellow colors. They form in units of five to thirteen flowerets.  The plant itself never goes above ten inches in height.

We source Uganda pennywort in high elevation areas above 2000 meters and lakeside environments such as around Lake Victoria.  Our family growers utilize water from these wetlands to grow the weeds on their man-made ponds. The plants grow under the same conditions that they do in the wild, meaning no contamination with chemicals. In fact, the flowers of this plant are so hidden that they attract no pest infestation.

We harvest Uganda water pennyworts both as vegetables and as flowers. For the former, we uproot the entire ten inches of the plant. We then bundle them up in such a manner that they can be ready for sale. They often go to the market in bamboo wraps inclusive of their roots.

Our harvesting process, though messy due to its taking place in an aquatic environment, is quite fast. We start by digging a little on the soil that is close to the surface which easily unearths the plant. We cut the stem appropriately while leaving some of the root nodes underwater to perpetuate growth. We then take the carrot-like flowers by the stem in readiness for packing.

We handle the pennyworts in a very careful manner between the harvest and the transportation phase. Because of the very delicacy, our trained workers sort them in glove-clad hands to remove any discolored ones and retain the healthy leaves and flowers. We then bunch them before we put them into vented cartons.

We pack Uganda water pennyworts per stalk which is basically 1 to 4 inches long and contains between 5 and 13 flowers. We keep them in bunches of as many stalks as possible. We put these in sleeved clusters and into small horizontal fiberboard boxes.

We store the cut Uganda pennywort at temperatures of above 4° Celsius. We also keep them inside water vials inside their packing boxes for longterm utility. We dispatch the flowers to the airport in Entebbe by our special purpose vehicles that have modified environment interiors. You can expect the shipment to reach your destination in as little as one day after shipping.

Indeed, if you are hankering for pennyworts from their native environment, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Our Uganda stems come in full umbels of up to thirteen flowers which makes the blooms, though small, noticeable from far. You are assured that all our flowers come from family growers’ ponds where they grow under Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) conditions. You can request for any quantity that suits your needs and we will be ready to provide it. We also keep the prices at their lowest to ensure that you only get the most affordable shipment. Make an order today!

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