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We provide high-quality Uganda lilies to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh cut Uganda lilies from family growers from Uganda.

Uganda lily or Lilium comes from a species of bulbous plants that develop huge, notable and delicate blooms. They are common to find in stories and are a cultural emblem because even some feminine names derive from the plant.  Though it is a temperate climate perennial, the 180-centimeter tall plant also thrives in the sub-tropical world including Uganda. Other than the significant flowers, the plant has bulbs that can be in-depth or just slightly into the soil surface. Both bulbs and stems commonly feature in potted plant displays.

The origin of the lily may have been in the Greco-Roman islands, particularly Crete. Annals of pictorial depictions dating back to 1580 B.C., showcased the flowers in Crete. In ancient times, the blooms represented virgin qualities such as virtue. There are also cultures that saw the flower as a symbol of death due to its delicate nature.   In Uganda, pink rain lily and calla white lily are the commercial varieties that complement the natural water lilies found on the shores of Lake Victoria. The first type goes for anything between 3000 and 5000 Uganda Shillings per bulb. They are common to see next to other treats in vases and often share the same bouquets with red roses.   We source our Uganda lilies from the western parts, including Bigodi, a conservatory. Here, not only do commercial calla lilies grow but so do water lilies. The other source is the west shore of Lake Victoria where there are different colors to choose from including the common white water lily.

Before packing, we moisten the bulbs of Uganda lilies in peat moss. This is after we have disinfected the bulbs from any slight injury during the harvesting phase. If there is any growth of leaves, we trim them off the stem before immersion in the food culture for its survival. This means that we can keep the plants in our cold rooms over extended periods of time especially if there is any hitch that inconveniences their immediate delivery.  We then pack the Uganda lilies in moderate-sized boxes that measure 60 by 40 by 23 centimeters cubic. We maintain a weight of each box of about 21 kilograms. We then put these into the moderately sized pallet of 100 by 120 centimeters square. This pallet has a capacity for at least 40 such boxes.   We discreetly keep our lilies in the boxes to prevent overcrowding and crushing. The smallest sizes of 10 to 12 units can carry 500 bulbs. That of the size range of 12 to 14 carries 400 bulbs while that of sizes 22 to 24 can take at most 100 bulbs per box. The largest size range is 24 to 26 and has the capacity for 75 bulbs.   We store Uganda lilies at -1° Celsius.  We keep them in this frozen condition at the very last minute of packing as opening them again will make them unstable if refrozen.  We continue to keep the produce in peat moss, which reduces the chances of going bad.    For the transportation phase, we expand the temperature range from between 0° to 5°C. Because these flowers are not quite sensitive to other produce, it is possible to convey them next to other produce such as tulips.

However, we ensure that they do not go in the same van as fruits or vegetables as these can contaminate them.   We are thus your go-to for any need of one of the signature female flowers from the ‘Pearl of Africa.’ Our Uganda lilies come in bright bouquets in single layers that are a testament to the delicate handling that we give them. The flower is available two times a year depending on the farmers who grow them in the early wet season in March or the late rainy season in September. You are also assured of perpetual supply that measures up to your exact tonnage requirements. We also offer you a guarantee of a price that we tailor so low that it can hardly break the bank. Start the process by making an order today!

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