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We provide high-quality Uganda carnation to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh cut Uganda carnations from family growers from Uganda.

Uganda carnations (Dianthus caryophyllus) is one of the latest exports of this East African country in the flower business.  It consists of flowers of diverse hues depending on the variety: the main ones include white, scarlet, and even green. The sweet-smelling bloom consists of a formation of between one and five buds that form a cyme. They usually measure about 3 to 6.5 centimeters across when in full bloom.   The flower’s name, which has been seen as a perennial gift to mothers around the world on Mother’s Day, has been in coinage since 1000 B.C. It comes from poems in Greek that may have attributions about the placement of garlands on a person’s head in the same way as a crown. Courtesy of its relatively long vase life, it has since become a favorite on the florists’ shop fronts.

We source Uganda carnations from the fertile soils and hot climate of the Lake Victoria region where the soil is alkaline. Our family growers have a range of cultivars that include Helen and Gina Porto.   Our grading parameters for Uganda carnations falls into three categories based on odor, color and the size of the flower. It is the blooms that have a sweet scent that generates most appeal in the market   Our Blue (Fancy) grade consists of tightly formed blooms of  55 centimeters in the length of the stem to the top of the bud. The open flowers are about 75 percent in this grade. The Red (standard) grade consists of flowers with a stem length of 43 centimeters with most of which being 60 percent being open. The Green grade is made up of short stems with no other defining attribute other than a 30-centimeter long flower.

We bunch Uganda carnations in fives, which indicates similar-sized stems. At other times, we make breakage-free packages by having an alternating pattern of short and long stems during the insertion of the bunches in their packing sleeves. Each sleeve, per the strict stipulations by international florists, can contain up to 30 buds in a cluster alternated between short and high blooms. A fourth of these blooms are usually in a fully open condition.

We pack Uganda carnations in fiberboard cartons that form a single layer. These are typically flat and low-lying.  We mix the dwarf and long stems in such a way that for every five short ones, there are five long stems next. The advantage of this mode of packing is that it creates overhead air circulation, and at the same time lowers the friction on the delicate cargo.  We store the carnations in the cold room throughout the temporary duration that there are with us. This keeps the color in a good flush and promotes the spreading of the buds especially those in half bloom. We maintain an optimal temperature of negative 1°C and slightly above the 0°-mark. Keeping the temperature above freezing point helps to open some of the buds to a half-bloom diameter as these stores better than those that have opened fully.

We convey the Uganda carnations under modified environment vehicles to the airport in Entebbe for immediate delivery. We do this at the base temperature of 0° Celsius.  The shipment will ideally make it to your destination on the same day or a day after the shipping date.   Therefore, we are your one-stop shop for the most scented and even scent-free beautiful Uganda carnations. We curate every stem regarding phytosanitary handling, perfection, grade, and the fresh cut before we finally deliver it to your destination. You have a guarantee of quality from the fact that our cut blooms come from farmers with Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certifications. We keep our price threshold low to maintain a cordial relationship with you. Make an order today!


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