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We provide high-quality Uganda gerbera to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh cut Uganda gerbera from family growers from Uganda.

With an origin in Madagascar, South Africa (especially Gauteng and Limpopo) and south-east Asia, Uganda gerbera (Gerbera jamesonii Bolus ex Adlam) are daisy flowers that due to their colorfulness, decorate any vase. They belong to the Asteraceae family that also consists of thistles. It features in the country’s most famous exports next to roses and chrysanthemums. They go to such markets as Holland, Germany, France, and the UK.

In appearance, the gerbera daisies showcase the multi-colored blooms from inside the hairy, silken leaves that are in lobed formation. The attractive set of flowers appears atop the long stem that bears the almost flowerlike petals that protect the cream-, scarlet-, orange- or pinkish-colored blooms. This distinctive appearance makes it both welcome as a pot plant and a cut flower for home and shop display.   These daisies do well in tropical climates at moderate to high altitudes of between 1200 to 200 meters above sea level.

We source our Uganda gerberas from the Lake Victoria shores where the weather is hot and wet. Our family growers cultivate less than two acres of the crop which they supplement with other forms of cultivation. The farmers grow the various cultivars including Ruby Red, yellowish Supernova, Rosalin and Farida, a cream-hued type.  We harvest Uganda gerbera daisies when the flowering starts on their 90th day after planting. Our produce agents guide the workers only to pick the buds that are either completely open or whose outermost rows are ajar and align to the stalk in a straight line. We immediately keep the stalks dipped in a culture of Sodium hypochlorite and water. This routine lasts for five hours after which we transfer the stems to the packing boxes.  The actual picking of the flowers involves the slashing of the stalk by garden scissors around 2 centimeters from its point of sprouting.  We then transfer them to clean, chlorinated water.  We then grade the Uganda gerbera daisies based on their color, open bud condition, and uniform sizes.  A typical one hundred-centimeter square of land can yield at least 140 stems.

We pack Uganda gerbera in cartons or horizontal fiberboard boxes. We keep the single stems in one layer to reduce the chances of friction and crushing. We preserve the individual arrangement of the blooms by the insertion of plastic or polypropylene wrappings that keep out the heat. We also include proper labels on each carton with details of the produce name and variety, the country it originated from and the number of stems/net weight.   We fully understand that gerberas are sometimes prone to chilling injury, though this is yet to be verified and thus keep them above freezing point. Our storage temperatures are between 0° and 1° Celsius. We maintain these same controlled temperatures throughout the transportation phase to ensure that we do not lose the freshness index of the flowers. As soon as our flower vans arrive at the Entebbe airport, we transfer them to the cargo bay from where they reach your destination in a day.

Therefore, you can now avail some of the most decorative flowers from East Africa from a reliable supplier of Uganda gerbera. We garner all our supplies from designate flower-growing regions of the country where the plant grows under Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) conditions. We spare no effort to harvest properly, handle and conserve the cut stems in chlorinated water while awaiting packing. All our tools are sterilized first before they can cut the stems to keep them disease-free.  You can initiate the process by making an order today!

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