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We provide high quality Uganda roses to the local and export market. We source our Uganda roses from family growers in the country.

Roses (Rosa) account for the lion’s share of the flower exports in Uganda at a whooping 40 percent of the export margins. This is a far cry from the second major export chrysanthemum. The country had about 250ha of commercial flower farms which though little still made it an alternative source when bypassing Kenya and Ethiopia. The margin of the fields is under a handful of growers who number no more than twenty big timers, not counting the thousands of smallholder growers.

The export markets for Uganda flowers include the Netherlands, Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom and France. Italy and Japan are also major destinations. These regions receive the basic 6500MT that Uganda annually harvests.

The Uganda rose is also freely in supply in regional countries in Africa and the Gulf. These include Kenya, Sudan, Rwanda, the DRC and the United Arab Emirates.

The history of the rose began in Asia in ancient times. There is also the common rose, in its scarlet color that may have had an origin in the Sahel region of North Africa.

Most of the growers of Uganda roses cultivate the blooms that can measure at least 1.25 centimeters across for the smallest to 17.5 centimeter-wide bud diameter for the biggest. They all reach their maturity under the fertile, sunny and well-hydrated lakeside environment in 1 1/2 months or 2 months.

We source our Uganda roses from select parts of the country especially the western shores of Lake Victoria. This region provides a combination of the ideal temperature of 18° Celsius for nurturing the blossoms and the necessary water for cultivation. The other parts include the central districts like Masaka.  The country cultivates at least three rose varieties that range from Short Sweetheart, Tea hybrid and the multiple-headed sprays.

Our harvest of Uganda roses goes through a careful, well-timed process. This includes the timing of the first signs of a blossom. This means that the top buds have fully opened to show off their pistils awash in bright pink or red.

We do our picking at dawn on a dry day, which provides perfectly non-wilting conditions.  Our trained farmhands go for the flowers that emit a rosy smell and have been under most exposure to the sun.  We then cut the stems using pruning equipment such as farm scissors. We slash them in one cut at a substantial distance down the stem.

We then place the cut blooms of Uganda roses in water to perpetuate the respiration process.  We put them in water stem-first, after ensuring that there are no leaves in the bottom section. We then transfer the produce to the packing shed. Here, we make yet another cut at the bottom-most part just an an inch or so deep. The stem ideally goes on to rehydrate, which is essential for any fresh-looking rose in the marketplace.

Before putting them in bunches ready for shipping, we perpetually keep our Uganda roses in dehydrated conditions. Not only do we use forcible air drying but we resort to dehydrators. These remove much of the water that resides in the stems. All along we keep the blooms in cool, empty jars in the interior.

We pack Uganda roses in bunches that are actually inserted into plastic sleeves. There are also alternative waxed papers that have soft interiors. There has also emerged the card sleeve with its corrugated advantage which we employ at times. We touch off with the produce labels on the cartons. They describe the rose variety, the destination and the bunch number for tracing.

We store the roses at the base temperature of from 0° to 1° Celsius. For the temporary grace period between harvesting and transportation to the airport Entebbe, we keep the stems half immersed in water. Our warehouse staff prune the leaves slightly above the water line to eradicate the rotting of the produce.  To prevent hints of discoloration or rot, we employ safe treatment such as 1-MCT that does not hinder the rosy quality of the blooms.

We convey Uganda roses to the airport by surface means to the airport in Entebbe under refrigerated trucks. We make sure that the shipment is airborne on the due date so that it will reach you on the same day or or a day thereafter depending on the destination.

In short, if you would like alternative flowers that grow under the Lake Victoria climate, make us your choice supplier of Uganda roses. We curate family growers with a record for the growth of the flower before settling on those with Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certifications. This means that the blooms thrive under perfectly natural conditions, which we perpetuate through phytosanitary post-harvest handling. We do our shipping as fast as it is possible in the right quantity. You are also welcome to sample our rock bottom prices. Make your order today!


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