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We provide high-quality Uganda red heliconia to the local and export market. We source our Uganda red heliconias from family growers in the country.

The Uganda red heliconia (helikonios) flower consists of sets that either grows straight up or distinctly hang from the central stalk.

They have winning blooms of red-yellow colors that are dotted with dark and red decorations. They also have some traits of the bananas and plantains, namely paddle-like leaves.

Some of these characteristics have earned them bittersweet names such as ‘lobster-claws’ and ‘false bird of paradise.’

The flower grows in diverse species in south-west Uganda especially in the tropical rain forest of the Bwindi conservatory.

We, however, do not obtain the flowers from the wild. We cultivate them under natural conditions through the aid of our family growers located across the country and particularly the southwest and the Lake Victoria region.

We harvest Uganda heliconia by cutting just below the amazing-looking bracts that keep the small colorful buds in hidden conditions. We do the same for the dangling types by lashing the stem in its upside down stance. We immediately conserve the stems in water in readiness for bunching and packing.  We maintain the proper condition of the plant through the careful dehydration of the flower in the case that it stays longer than necessary unshipped.

We also sort any discolored stems from the rest to prevent rot infection. We keep the flowers under proper conditions such as half immersing them into the water to reduce dehydration.

Our warehouse staff also cuts the petals slightly above the waterline to avert rotting from beneath.   The packing process for Uganda heliconia is relatively easy because of the erect floral formation.  After bunching them, it is possible to ferry hundreds of the plants throughout the shipping period. The spikes then go into CFB cartons that have cushions to keep the produce well buffered against external shock.

We keep labels on the vented boxes concerning the source, the name of flower/variety and the destination.  We store Uganda heliconia at temperatures that do not go above 19° Celsius and not below 12° Celsius. The 19-degree shelf gives the blossoms a vase life of just over one week while that of the 12-degree threshold cuts the high margin by half.

We immediately transport the heliconia to the airport in Entebbe under special flower vans. The modified environment inside the vehicles keeps the flowers well protected against temperature vagaries as they are usually under the 19°C cool range.

Expect your shipment to reach you in a day after dispatch by air.  Because of the year-round sprouting of the flowers, we provide them throughout the duration that you need them.  Indeed, if you are after the most erect and decorative flowers this side of the equatorial sun, consider our Uganda heliconia. We obtain them from well-curated tropical wetlands where the farmers cultivate them under Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP).  Our typical harvest of the flowers usually considers phytosanitary and hygienic handling, both of which are essential for the acceptability of the packages.  Make your order today at competitive prices!

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