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We provide high-quality Uganda hibiscus to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh cut Uganda hibiscus from family growers from Uganda.

Bearing some of the showiest flowers around, Uganda hibiscus (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis) is a multipurpose plant that some know for its herbal tea and others for cut blooms. It also goes under the name rose mallow perhaps due to its rose attributes. In appearance, the plant blossoms into funnel-shaped flowers enclosed in a quintet of petals. They come in the color range of pink to white and red to purple and other shades in-between. The pistil usually grows majestically tall on top of the buds. Its temperate environment equivalent is the H. syriacus variety that some people call the Rose of Sharon.

In ancient Egypt, potions from the pistil and corolla of the flower served as medicine for combating body fever. Hibiscus also acted as a tonic against nervous breakdown and heart conditions. Its vitamin C-rich tea has also been in use for generations.  The crushed flowers also serve as a blend for bringing down blood pressure.   Uganda grows the Hibiscus roselle variety which is better known for its herbal than floral uses. It grows lushly in the wild, but many family growers have taken to the growth of the plant for commercial purposes. It thrives in the northern parts of the country mainly for culinary purposes.

We source our Uganda hibiscus flowers from Arua district to the north of the country. Here, farmers grow it for both the flowers and for processing traditional liquor and wine.  This happens after drying the flowers and grinding the lees.   We harvest Uganda hibiscus in two forms. Firstly, when the flowers have just bloomed but have not yet dropped as they usually do when mature. We cut the one-meter branch for fresh cut flower export. The next method is to await the flowers to die off and fall. After this, we cut the ripened, usually red calyx that contains the seeds for processing. However, we do not always wait for the flower to fall but instead cut the now-closed calyx while still intact.

We export hibiscus in both fresh and dried flower calyce condition. Freshly cut branches can be quite long at one meter per flower. This means they require equally long fiberboard boxes for proper preservation.   For the dried Uganda hibiscus flowers, we have two forms, including the ones that undergo picking and then are dried and the ones that our workers collect when already dry. Their main produce is the various seeds that undergo processing to form dusty herbal tea. With their low moisture concentration of about 5 percent, it is possible to keep them for long in 25-kilo horizontal fiberboard boxes.  One shipping container can consist of 480 such boxes, each weighing 25 kilograms.

We store Uganda hibiscus at the same temperature of 0° Celsius for both the fresh cut and dried produce. The cool temperature maintains the bright, showy color of the blooms and preserves the scent. For the dried by-product, the low-level temperature makes it possible to keep indefinitely to be used as herbal tea.  Indeed, this is the best time to get in touch with us for your Uganda hibiscus needs. We obtain our supplies from family growers in the northern parts of the country who cultivate them under Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). We ready the produce in our oversized fiberboard boxes or 25-kilo bags so that they will be easy to keep in the 40-feet containers on transit. This gives you an idea of the considerable quantity you can avail from us. We also tailor the prices to the lower bar of the market rates to suit your pocket. Make an order today!

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