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We provide high quality Uganda orchids to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh cut Uganda orchids from family growers from Uganda.

Uganda orchid (Aerangis luteoalba, Orchioidea, Cattleya and Cymbidium species) belongs to perhaps the second biggest floral family which has around twenty eight thousand species. It also comes from a family that outdoes the mammalian and bird species in number, with the only rival being fish with backbone that are of the same numerical size. Though the majority are in use for ornamental needs, some undergo cultivation for their seeds. Most of the species have bi-symmetrical flowers that are equal in each half.  Some of the prominent types include Cymbidium, Cattleya, Phalaenopsis and the main Orchidoideae species.

We source our orchids from the southern parts of Uganda. One of these is the area neighboring the Kibale National Park, home to epiphytes, a type of orchid (Aerangis luteoalba) dependent on other flora to grow. Our family growers cultivate the flowers under natural conditions in the mainly wet climate of the area.

We harvest Uganda orchids in a careful process that pays attention to the conservation of the pollen from falling off so as to maintain the vase life of the flower. This is because the dislodgement of this reproductive part triggers the secretion of erethelene, a chemical that enhances floral wilting.  Not only do we do our picking at dawn on a dry day, but we carry corsets of water for immersing the stems as soon as the worker diagonally cuts them off by the stem. Our trained hands do all their work while in full personal protective equipment inclusive of gloves and aprons.

After picking all the stems, we transfer the cardboard boxes containing them to the packing shed. Here, we clean them off any foreign material or debris. We then grade them by color as well as the size parameters. The first grade is made up of flowers that are in their spikes and have about two buds in open condition with the rest in half bloom. The next grade constitutes those flowers that are shorter and is usually a common choice during the high demand season.

We pack the Uganda lilies in horizontal cartons that constitute around 5 to 10 flowers apiece. The spikes, which describe the delicate, pointed stems stay individually inside shredded paper. This is a foolproof method of reducing breakage for the otherwise very delicate blooms. We keep the cartons in a solid condition through the use of separators that can be either fillers or any other plastic material. This buffers them from shakiness during the transfer phase to the market.

As an extra precaution, we ensure that our orchid-bearing cartons have vents on the sides. This makes it possible to put water vials into the openings. We also maintain the friction-free environment of the cartons by including soft wax in them.

We maintain relatively cool temperatures for the flowers of about 8 to 12° Celsius, which is ideal for the cymbidium kind. We also keep the temperature higher at 12 to 15° Celsius for the Phalaenopsis kind.  Additionally, the discovery in recent times that orchids perform well at near chilled conditions has made us also cool them at approximately 1° Celsius during the delivery phase.

We transport Uganda orchids under the same modified environment conditions to the airport in Entebbe. We ensure that the cargo stays unbroken by the use of padding inside the vehicle to act as a soft buffer against a bumpy ride. The delivery usually reaches your destination in a day or two after dispatch.

Therefore, if you are after the bulbous, beautiful Uganda orchids, do not hesitate to get in touch with us today. We garner our flowers from only Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified locations across Uganda. Not only do we maintain the condition of the cargo throughout the shipping period through perfect cutting, delicate handling and temperature control, but we use disinfected cutlery for slicing the spikes. You can also request for any number of stems and in the tonnage of your choice and we will be ready to supply. Besides, our prices are among the most attractive in the flower market. Make your order today!

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