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We provide high quality Uganda thistles to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh cut Uganda thistles from family growers from Uganda.

Uganda milk thistle (Silybum marianum) consists of self-protective plants that have sawed leaves that prevent foraging by animals. Their flowers are distinctly red or purple but turn to a smoky white when dry. They differ from the flowers of other asteraceae family thistles which have purple or pink blooms. The main use of the plants in Uganda is to make medicine from the seed extracts though even the flowers are on sale. The seed powder has a yellow color after processing in Uganda.

We source Uganda milk thistle from the Lake Victoria region of the country. Here, family growers keep small plots of land where they tender the produce. We only make contact with those who maintain natural growing conditions for the plants.

We harvest Uganda milk thistle in three ways. The first one is for the leaves and other parts of the plant so that they can be viable for culinary use while still tender. We usually cut them at the base without severing the main stem bearing flowers and the seeds. The other method is of cutting the short, insignificant stems that bear the flowers. We immediately put the flowers and the leaves in a cool, shaded place in readiness for packing. The third method is that of severing the seeds when their pods have turned into a brown color. The seeds are important as they make medicine especially for liver ailments. This is courtesy of the silymarin extract that combats tumors and other degenerative conditions.

After finishing each of the separate steps above, our PPE-clad workers then do the equally separate sorting of the leaves, flowers and seeds. For the former, there is little less than just removing debris. For the flowers, our warehouse staff discard the discolored ones and retain the perfectly healthy. They also do away with any that have dried into a puffy white. For the seeds, we immediately brush them one by one to extract dirt on their surfaces.

We pack Uganda milk thistle flowers in horizontal fiberboard boxes. Each flower bunch contains a number of flowers, each of which has a length of between 6 and 7.5 millimeters in the bud area. We put labels on the packages to highlight the country of origin, the net weight and the destination. We also pack the leaves in bunches similar to those of vegetables for further processing or extraction of milk thistle in their destination.  We pack the seeds in glass vials or vacuum-enclosed polythene bags that can hold the net weight of about 25 kilograms. We then keep them under cool, dry conditions until the shipment date.

We store Uganda milk thistle at the same temperature as seed storage of at least 0° C. We ensure that the leaves and flowers stay in a cool dry condition to prevent the formation of mold. We transport the cargo under the same modified temperatures in our special delivery vans.

You can start the process for availing Uganda milk thistle by getting in touch today. Because all our flowers come from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) background, they are quite healthy and blemish-free. We also provide the produce in quantities that match your exact order specifications. We ensure that the prices are quite affordable by adjusting them to the market conditions. Make an order today!

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