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We provide high-quality Uganda hypericum to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh cut Uganda hypericums from family growers from Uganda.

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Uganda hypericum (Hypercium perforatum) refers to a species that also goes under the acronym St. John’s Wort. Its name interestingly comes from the Greek term for ‘above pictures’ which not only signifies the beauty of the berries but its use as spirit repellent in traditional society. Not only do the beautiful red, pink or magenta berries also feature in decorative floral bouquets, but they are symbolic in weddings where the pink flowers are common displays. The range of bloom colors has also improved with each interbreeding bout. For instance, now there are brown, golden and cream looks on the traditionally pale red blooms.   Its history and tradition began in the Medieval times where ‘barbers’ or doctors employed its potion rich in flavonoids as well as hypericin to heal mental cases. There are also false beliefs that this ‘St. John’s Wort’ consisted of only yellow-colored flowers and only attained its rusty red after the beheading of John the Baptist.  The Hypericum is perhaps the only berry-bearing flower that has attained success in the florists’ world. It began cultivation in earnest as late as the 1980s and its use have grown from strength to strength such that by the new millennium it was the fifteenth most sold flower.   We source Uganda hypericum from diverse parts of the country including the southwestern tropical forest. Here, the flowers thrive in diverse species that range from the 15 to 20-millimeter wide H. kiboense to H. revolutum. All our family growers employ natural means of cultivation to maintain their crops.  We harvest Uganda hypericum by cutting the very slight stem via gardening scissors. This results into a handheld miniature shrub with berries, satin-colored petals, and the signature red half-open buds. We further remove any lateral stems, which leaves only the main delicate stem that due to its iconic slimness, is a distinctive feature in the bouquets.   We then grade the hypericum flowers based on their appearance. Typically, the flower should be made up of between seven and twelve berries. These should have deep green leaves free of any brown stains. After ascertaining that the flowers are of the right cut and bloom, we ready them for wrapping in bunches.

We bunch Uganda hypericum in 6 to 10 stems per sleeve. The plastic sleeves are only for keeping the branchlets from haphazard dangling and to maintain a hydrated condition. This explains the reason it is advisable to remove them as soon as the shipment arrives to prevent the formation of mold.   During the time between harvesting and packing, we keep St John’s Wort in a water culture so that the stems can continue to hydrate and nourish the flowers. This gives them between 14 and 21 days of vase life. We also cut any leaves below the watermark to reduce the chances of rotting.  We pack Uganda hypericum in flat fiberboard boxes. Each of the sleeves is separated from the next with film linings that ensure little chance of crashing during the moving of the delicate blooms. We also have custom shipping material that usually keeps the flowers dipped in a water solution even during shipping: this is to keep the typically short-lived leaves as attractive as their red berries.   We store Uganda hypericum under the temperatures of above 3° Celsius. This relatively cool threshold not only maintains the colorful look of the berries but keeps the respiration process possible for the delicate leaves.   We also convey the blooms to the airport in Entebbe under the same conditions in our special delivery vans. The shipment makes it to your destination from here in as little as a day or two after shipment.

You, therefore, have a reliable supplier of Uganda hypericum with the unique ability to provide the berries, flowers and leaves still in their glowing look for we send them soon after harvesting. We also keep the delicate cargo fresh for longer by ensuring careful bunching, dipping in food culture and proper handling. Our supplies come from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified background. We also deliver the cargo in the right quantity, which you indicate by declaring the number of stems you need. We keep the prices affordable throughout the market season.  Start by making an order today!

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