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We provide high-quality Uganda jasmine to the local and export market. We source the raw fresh cut Uganda jasmine from family growers from the country.

Classified in a similar class with the olives, Uganda jasmine (Jasminum olaeceae) is a flower that does well in both tropical and temperate locales. Its signature attribute is the attractive scent of the flowers which have become common in perfumes. In Uganda’s warm climate, the flowers consist of mainly nine petals which go down to six symmetrical petals in temperate regions of the world.  The blooms are functional as pollination agents as bees love them. In appearance, the buds are roundish close at hand but change to a trumpet lookalike from far. Thus, the two features of an appealing smell and extraordinary beauty make the flowers a cut above the rest in the market. Their origin was probably China, though they are also native to the warmer regions of Europe and Australia.

We source our Uganda jasmine from areas close to the capital including Entebbe and Mukono. Here there are many nurseries where family growers buy their seedlings for planting in other parts of the country. They are also quite common to find along the highways in bouquets or as potted plants. We only deal with sources which grow them in designated, well-maintained, certified flower gardens.  The country grows at least two species including the Jasminum officianale, the most widespread in the tropics. It has white to yellow blooms. There are also some people who cultivate the Jasminum nuidflorum species, which grows well in wet and cool climate such as that in Europe.   We harvest Uganda jasmine under international picking guidelines, which our produce agents enforce. For instance, our family growers pick the flowers only at dawn when the buds are still in the maturing stage and yet to open. When they undergo picking, the, as well as the pistils, will still be unexposed to the sun. We use garden scissors to cut the stems in a slanted manner before dipping them into the clean water until the harvest is over.

Our packing guidelines for Uganda jasmine begins by preparing the flat, horizontal packing boxes. We insert aluminum foil linings that keep the blooms fresh during the transit journey. We also employ thermocol boxes that contain a fresh supply of ice. We insert the blooms in single layers that ensure that none is crushed. We then seal the boxes carefully and ensure there are breathing vents. We place labels that indicate the destination of the cargo. We complete the shipment by the inclusion of clear labels including the number of stems, the net weight and the country of origin.   We maintain a freshness index of over 85 percent, well over the 70 percent international standard when the cargo touches down in your city. Though the requirement is that each shipment to have at least 10.5 percent of the flowers in open buds, we up this threshold in that 50 percent are in half or full bloom. Concerning color, our jasmine from Uganda retains its natural color by as much as 88 percent up to the time you receive it at your destination.

We store Uganda jasmine at the temperature baseline of 2° Celsius. We maintain this cool shipping level by the use of polypropylene film, which keeps the blooms stable.  We do not go below freezing point to prevent chilling injury.  We convey the flowers in our refrigerated trucks which ensures that your cargo does not lose any of its color, freshness index or scent.

You can expect the shipment to make it to your home city in a day after shipping from Entebbe.  We are therefore your one-stop supplier of Uganda jasmine right from the moist, conducive flower-growing areas of the country. Our blooms acquire unique fragrance courtesy of growing under natural conditions via our Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified family growers. All our flowers undergo inspection for quality by our in-house staff before they leave our premises.  You can avail a tonnage that suits your market quantity as we supply the flowers once a year. Our prices are quite competitive and thus tailored to your budget. Make an order today!

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