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Uganda Limonium (Limonium sinuatum L.) refers to flowers of diverse species that make up a family that closely resembles both the unrelated sea lavenders and rosemary. They are bellowing to the Plumbaginaceae genus that also consists of the leadworts. Its name highlights the wild nature of the plant in the Latin language itself a corruption of a Greek term lemon. There are also interbred types of the flower that go by the misleading name sea lavender. In the tradition of packing blooms, statice of Limonum had been relegated for a long time as a filler but now has come into its own as a bouquet icon in its own right.

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In Uganda, the flower belongs to the subspecies of the static that make up limonium. This refers to common statice of L. sinuatum L., a subspecies that is characterized by beautiful brilliantly purple blooms. These beautiful flowers have become a commonly demanded type across the globe.  The flower grows on the western shores of Lake Victoria ad the southern parts of the country. The plant is under cultivation by both family growers and the big time growers although it has to catch up with roses and chrysanthemums. We only consort with farmers with small plots of land of at least one acre and no more than two acres.

We bunch Uganda Limonium in stems of about 25 flowers. There are ask situations where you can specifically request for bunches that are based on the collective diameter of the flowers. We then stock the clusters into sleeves that keep the stems and delicate petals inside and free of falling.  We grade our limonium under the Standard quality. This consists of mail log stems with wide buds. They also come with mostly open flowers.  We pack Uganda limonium in horizontal fiberboard boxes. These special purpose cartons have vents that allow air circulation inside the sleeves. We keep the bunches in tight formation to allow for low friction that may cause damage to the delicate necks of the flowers.   We store Uganda limonium at the temperature range of 0° to 1° Celsius. Before storage, we ensure that none of the blooms has a Botrytis infection, a common disease that renders the flower even incapable of keeping under low temperatures.

We transport Uganda limonium in pre-cooled unique florist’s vans that take them to Entebbe on the same day of harvesting. We keep the fiberboard boxes on the floor of the van over paddings that reduce shakiness and friction. You can await the shipment in a day or two after dispatch with the assured fresh arrival of the cargo.

If you are hankering from all kinds of limonium from Uganda, you now have a reliable supplier. Our blooms come from the heart of the country where the flower business is still developing, and thus family growers take care to maintain quality. Indeed, all our farmers come [from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified locales which give them a competitive advantage for the European markets. You can request for any number of stems or tonnage, and we will make the pre-order count on the due date. Besides, our prices are quite low and reflect your budgetary allocation. Make an order today!

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