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We provide high-quality Rwanda white arum to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh Rwanda white arum from family growers in the country.

Rwanda white arum is the common term for Zantedeschia aethiopica L. Spreng flower. A lily, the flowering plant has its origin in the southern part of Africa. It has quite inviting heads of funnel-shaped white blooms. They grow from large-leaved green foliage which the striking flowers make presentable.  The flowers themselves may have a yellow sheath (lower part) that opens up to the silken white bloom. They grow into lengths of around 15 centimeters per spike. Though there are red arums in Rwanda, the main cultivar is the white one which easily adapts to the country’s tropical climate at the optimal 20 degrees Celsius.

The uses of the flower include wedding beautification. This owes to the silky look of the funnel-opened outer blooms that give the flower a captivating look.

We source Rwanda white arum from Bishenyi and other parts of the country. Here, farmers grow the ‘trumpet lily’ on little plots of land especially backyard gardens. Though the majority grows them in fields, others do their tending in greenhouses, aquaponic cultures and pots. One factor that makes their flowers stand out is the use of chemicals sparingly and the informed choice of organic fertilizers.

We harvest Rwanda white arum at dawn before the onset of the sun. We start the harvest as soon as our produce agents have ascertained that the spadix or bright inner parts of the flower are visible.  This happens when the vibrant outer flower or ‘spathe’ has reached full funnel opening. We cut a few centimeters of the stalks to ensure that there will be proper handling.  We take care not to injure the stems but ensure that each cut end is open enough to allow aeration and thus the proper opening of the flower.

We then put the cut stalks of Rwanda white arums in a solution of water with the stems down to allow the post-harvest budding of the spathe if it has not fully opened. We re-hydrate the blooms after every one or two hours at ambient temperatures. We do re-hydration at night at the base 1 degree Celsius temperature.

We pack the 10-to 15 centimeters-long Rwanda white arum in horizontal telescopic cartons with vents for aeration. We wrap each bouquet of five stalks in film sleeves to keep them in an injury-free transportation condition. We keep the wrapped blooms in the cartons in a single-layer arrangement. We include produce labels on each including the company’s logo, the name of the flower, the color and the net weight/number of stems per package.

We store Rwanda white arum cut flowers at the temperature range of 0 degrees and 4 degrees Celsius. We maintain a relative humidity of 75 to 85 percent.

We transport the white arums on the same day of packing via our hydro-cooled vehicles that maintain the necessary cooling of the cold room. We provide a grace period of 24 to 48 hours for the cargo to reach your destination. The flowers will hence last for the next 7 to 14 days which makes them have a relatively long vase life.

We are therefore your veritable source of Rwanda white arum right from family growers in the country. We only source from farmers with certifications from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) as this is a sign of proper care. We keep the quantity at par with your request by being in constant touch with our sources to provide a surplus. We also keep our prices low to ensure that we adhere to your budget. Make an order today!

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