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We provide high-quality Rwanda hibiscus to the local and export markets. We source the raw fresh cut Rwanda hibiscus from family growers in the country.

Rwanda hibiscus (mainly Hibiscus rosa-sinensis) is a beautiful flower that comes from the mallow family with a mostly seductive red color and hence the synonym, ‘rose mallow.’ The flower is small but showy. It has at least five segmented blooms that look like butterfly wings topped by a long pistil. There are other colored varieties including white.

Rwanda grows various cultivars including the H. saddariffa, popular as Rwanda Red Globe. Indeed, the bulb-like red flower matches up to its name. The unopened buds despite their beauty are culinary delights that make a lemon-tinged tea called Red Sorrel. It comes from the hidden inner parts of the flowers known as calyces. It is common to find the beverages made of dried hibiscus in many street corners in Kigali and other towns.

The origin of hibiscus is unclear but sources claim China, Japan, Hawaii, Malaysia and Africa. The rosa species is sometimes called China or Hawaii hibiscus to describe origin. Many of the plants in the mallow family now are widespread in Central America where they came courtesy of slaves from Africa via the Caribbean.

We source Rwanda hibiscus from Kayonza district in Eastern Province and the central highlands of the nation. Our sources grow various cultivars, including the rosy H. rosa-sinensis, one of the most common commercial variations. We keep contact with family growers who cultivate them under organic means and use farmyard manure instead of fertilizers to keep the plants healthy.

We harvest Rwanda hibiscus by slashing the long twigs using a pruner. The long branches can be as long as 1 meter. We remove all other foliage excluding the flowers that decorate the top of the branch. We then convey the stems to the packinghouse for quick handling and sorting.

We may choose to retail them fresh or dry. For the fresh ones, we immerse the branches in water so that they can suck in moisture for preservation. For the processed ones, we dry them in a warm environment to expose the tea-making calyx.

We then pack Rwanda hibiscus as a fresh flower or dried calyx. In the first case, we retain all parts of the flower including its calyx fresh by dipping it in purified water. We lay the meter-long stems in flat fiberboard cartons of equal length. These can handle the single-layer branches in a bruise-free condition.

We pack the calyces of Rwanda hibiscus after drying them in basic size cartons as the product has no stems. The now-red dried blooms feature in boxes with a capacity of 25 kilos. The boxes preserve the produce in the same condition as when they have just fallen from the plant. Besides, the hibiscus tea-making stuff lasts long in this packed form as it has less than 5% moisture levels.  We indicate the condition of the flower (fresh or dried), the country of origin and the net weight/ number of stems on the carton’s label.

We store Rwanda hibiscus in the temperature of as low as 0 degrees Celsius. We keep them in airtight cartons that preserve them in fresh and inviting odorous forms for the freshly-cut and dried flowers respectively.

We transport the fresh hibiscus cargo to Kigali International on the same day of harvesting if possible. The same applies to the processed calyces which we keep in airtight containers throughout the waiting period. Our refrigerated vehicles ensure that the cargo makes it to the airport expeditiously so that it will be at your base in the next 24 to 48 hours.

Whether you need them for making the popular herbal tea or for display purposes, you will never get enough of our multiple-variety Rwanda hibiscus flowers. We source them from family growers in the central and eastern regions. Here, they grow under Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) conditions. We handle them with clean cutlery and gloved hands to prevent contamination in their delicate post-harvest state. We provide them in a quantity that adheres to your exact request. Besides, we maintain a price that matches your budget. Make an order today!


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