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We provide high-quality Rwanda roses to the local and export markets. We source raw fresh Rwanda rose from family growers in the country.

Rwanda rose (Rosa CVS. Hybrid) is one of the most popular flowers with its signature red, pink or white blooms. It grows on an upright shrub that gives to a showy, large flower enclosed with equally big petals. A common sight in bouquets, the flower has a relatively short vase life of a week and three days, under good conditions. The cool, conducive climate of Rwanda makes it a suitable destination for roses, where 15 varieties are available. The government in 2017 leased some 650 hectares to private growers to enhance the country’s horticulture exports. The project lies in Eastern Province.

The rose is among the oldest of all plants: fossils of its distant relatives date long after the dinosaur age around 35 million years ago. However, the first cultivated rose was around 3000 B.C., in China.

Regarding dimensions, the flower comes with a length of 13 or 15 cm. The biggest ones reach the 17-cm mark.  The reach of the entire flower without the stem is about half the entire plant’s total height at 7 cm or so. In terms of odor, some rose varieties are sweet-smelling while others have no scent. In terms of uses, this attractive blossom is the unofficial flower for many occasions including weddings and Valentine.

We source Rwanda roses from Rwamagana district in the Eastern Province of the country. Here, family sources own about 2 acres which they conserve organically with well-rotten livestock manure. They also responsibly use chemical sprays.

Our typical harvest of Rwanda roses begins at the onset of 1 ½ month after planting for the early maturing cultivars. This can go to 2 months for the late maturing types. We start the picking early in the morning to prevent the effects of wilting. Our team uses snippers to carefully cut each stem and maintain the petals protecting the blooms. We dip each stem in a water vial in a shaded area before the completion of the harvest.

We pre-cool the cut Rwanda roses at temperatures below 2 degrees Celsius. This is during the sorting time which takes place in the warehouse. We remove discolored stems as well as any that have received injuries. We then grade the healthiest selections based on length, mature appearance and color. The finest grade constitutes the longest stems (tip to bloom head). They are also elegant and upright in posture, with half-bloom buds and pale green petals. We bunch these in fives.  All our graded flowers come with or without their thorns depending on the customer’s needs.

We do the packing of Rwanda roses on the same day of harvesting by removing each bunch from its water solution. We cool them upon removal at 0 or 1 degree Celsius before putting them into cartons horizontally. This cooling precaution gives them extra vase life and preserves their color. We treat them with safe chemicals to prevent pests and rot. We only use telescopic cartons that have vents on the upper sides. Each flower is wrapped in a bunch with five others inside a card or plastic sleeve. Our soft wax papers help to separate between the bouquets. We attach self-adhesive labels on the cartons that give the name of the cultivar, the date of packing, and the number of stems.

We store Rwanda roses at 0 to 1 degrees Celsius. We keep the flowers in water after the removal of any leaves beneath the water surface. We transport the paced blooms at the same controlled temperature to the airport in Kigali via our special trucks with modified interior environment fitments. You can look forward to the light cargo in the next 24 to 48 hours after departure.

Indeed, there is nothing that beats this flower in a display courtesy of its fresh, flushed red which is why you should try our Rwanda rose.  We source the flower from Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)-certified parts of the country. Even as we maintain superior quality, we also source the blooms in surplus to keep up with your desired quantity. We provide a price that is a cut above the rest in terms of being very affordable. Make an order today!

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